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What do you think abou GW Customer Services?
Old 10 Mar 2008, 10:54   #1 (permalink)
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Default What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

Well, I have ordered 3 Immolator Sprue in 20th January 2008 online and after waiting for my product the 28 days that the assured me that my product will reach me, I decided to emailed them to ask a query as to what happened to my product on February 29th. And thus I wait for a few while and on the 6th of March, GW replied and explained the reason as to why my order have 'dissapeared';

1) They found that they are unable to trace it due to the fact that it was send out on standard postage

2) Also the address seems to have been missing some of the details that I have provided in my e-mail

Because of that they decided to UPS 3 replacement Immolators as they are no longer able to get the replacement sprues for the models (In line with GW reorganizing their Bitz order) and I have not been charged for these and this will be on the invoice as “Customer Service”.

Today, true to their word UPS came to my home and delivered me the goods.

This is really good customer services, contrary to the dreadful stories that I have head about GW customer services. They admitted that somehow the order went wrong, and they delivered the goods via courier mail.

So what do you think about GW customer services?
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Default Re: What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

I think that's awesome, three whole tanks for the price of three sprues.

I too have heard a lot of bad things about their service, but I personally haven't been disappointed yet. I've even ordered twice from Forge World, and despite receiving a slightly miscast tank commander I did receive both in a timely manner.

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Old 10 Mar 2008, 12:26   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

I've never had any problems with their customer service. Ocassionally it takes them long, but they always deliver.
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Default Re: What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

I ordered 10 Empire Knight Shield sprues. I received 9 sprues and one Elf shield sprue.

GW's response was to say "Sorry, can't help you but we will gladly refund you 1.50 for the one sprue."

I sent them 2 emails and have not yet gotten a response.
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Old 10 Mar 2008, 14:44   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

Generally GW customer service is certainly no worse than anywhere else and is actually better than most. We've ordered from the online store a lot, once because Louen Leoncouer's head was missing, for which we got a whole new Louen Leoncouer (and it comes with head options allowing us to build one of each... get in!). They have always delivered for us or come up with a suitable arrangement.

Forge World isn't quite a prompt, I bought an Avatar with two left arms about a month before Christmas and only received the replacement arm this weekend, but that's mainly because of Christmas and also because of the way they cast their miniatures. Expect delays, but again expect delivery.

I don't doubt there are horror stories out there, but none from me.
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Default Re: What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

The thing about horror stories is that they're just that... They buck the trend. For each ban experience someone may get, you'll get hundreds of good experiences. The time I ordered was pretty good (I ordered a few bits and bats, but I ordered a Griffon (just a Griffin, not the rider). I could of got the set, but It was an extra £10 when all I wanted was the griffon).
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Old 10 Mar 2008, 16:03   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

I've gotten a number of boxed sets with a missing or warped piece, but have never had any problems at all getting replacements. The only difference nowadays is that they want to know the batch code from the box, which I have no problems with. It helps keep them from getting cheated. Otherwise they replace the parts no questions asked, no problems.
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Old 10 Mar 2008, 16:17   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

The only real time ive ever had a problem with them is when I ordered first class with them a while ago - took two whole weeks to get here. But they gladly refunded the cost.

Actually, now that I think about it the service is pretty damn good. Ive never picked up the phone from an iffy parcel (My latest order had two right wings instead of the left and right, the sent a second blister. And I once had an inquisitor model with no less than 3 right arms) the were courteous and prompt.

Which in comparision to some other mailed stuff ive gotten from other companies makes them seem like the shining example.
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Default Re: What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

Someone I knew constantly got two orders sent to him by accident, or orders lost so they'd have to send them again,
He ordered about 20 epic eldar titans from forgeworld, to use as a wraithguard, and they sent him 40 ¬_¬ he only got charged for twenty too..
Also he's gotten loads of stuff from GW, mail order eventually learnt who he was and they triple check their orders ^_^
It was great.. we were at a tournament and one of his opponents recognised his name ;D

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Default Re: What do you think abou GW Customer Services?

I've actually had some bad luck with them in the past.

Years ago there was an offer where you could buy the old 2nd edition Khorne Berserker boxes for a dementedly low price. So I ordered about 30 bucks worth. They told me my package should arrive in a week. A week later, nothing. Two weeks later, nothing. I call them to ask what's up. They tell me "Don't worry it'll come". A month later, I call again. This time I'm told "We never got the order". Of course by now the offer had expired >

They never got around to casting those ancient metal DE spearman models I ordered, nor did they ever send out the grass mat I earned in the skullz promotion.

I can't count the number of times, back when I had a WD subscription, that they forgot to send out my copy.

There was actually a period where I banked on a 50% screw up rate for my orders. Of course, I've never really had an error in my kits that required me to call them up and demand replacements, so I've never had the "Keep the crummy kit, we'll send you a new one" experience. I've had the odd miscast part, but it's always been something I could fix in about a minute.
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