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Little help needed
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Default Little help needed

sorry if this is in the wrong place but...
i have lost a flying base for my heavy destroyer, if i can't find , where can i buy another one??
Oh, and does anyone have any idea if there is anything happening in GW oxford, i saw it on a poster there, and it had something about competitions. one part said about I.G (i think) Vs necrons and Orks. does anyone have any information on this.
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Default Re: Little help needed

You can get flying bases from GW (I think) Just ask around They may have one in their Bitz box, or they might sell packets of them.
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Default Re: Little help needed

Check Battlewagon bits. Or, there's also an ebay seller who has a nice supply of bitz.

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Default Re: Little help needed

GW may sell them, but I'm not sure.
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Default Re: Little help needed

My local GW sells little packages with big and small flying bases. I needed only a few though, and they just supplied me those free of charge. They are generally very nice when it comes to bits they happen to have

So there - ask in your local GW. And in regards to that oxford battle, I suggest you ask GW too...
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Default Re: Little help needed

At the moment my local GW is selling bases in mixed bags of all sizes... not sure if this includes flying bases though.

Not sure how long that'll go on for but it seems pretty stupid to me that if I want to buy more than 2 large 60mm bases I have to buy several mixed bags that include a fistful of useless bases. I went to a local hobby shop and bought a sheet of plasticard instead.
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