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Lexicanum (Post your 40K information sites)
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Default Lexicanum (Post your 40K information sites)


Something I found whilst perusing one of the many 'chans. It's a pretty decent site.

Yeah, it's source sounds sketchy, but I promise, they source the original books and everything. I would also suggest checking out /tg/, seeing that some of the conversions and work there just make me absolutely amazed that people can be that dedicated to their work.

Originally Posted by Wargamer
I want someone to make a plushie out of that... for no particular reason whatsoever. :shifty:
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Default Re: Lexicanum (Post your 40K information sites)

It's a nice site in my opinion. Better than searching through wikipedia.
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Default Re: Lexicanum (Post your 40K information sites)

Behold! The map!

Originally Posted by Mitch: the noob
Is it just me, or does Fish Ead really love to use a Dreadsock?...
I'd hate to get on his bad side... >
Originally Posted by Tiwaz
Fishy has just proved to me that Canadians CAN be scary...
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Default Re: Lexicanum (Post your 40K information sites)


I'm working on writing a Tigershark entry for the Lexicanium. I wrote the entry for the Castigator though. ^^
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