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Default Timeline

Okay i'm a little lost, i'm new to w40k and i'm still trying to dive through all the fluff...
I know its a big ask, but could someone give me a rough timeline of the 40k universe? (Both fluffwise and edition wise)
Cuz theres a lot of questions that are pulling through my head, i know the basic origins of w40k (space hulk) and i'm just starting. I'm guessing originally the races were SM + Orc... I don't know...
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Default Re: Timeline

Here's a couple of interesting dates for you:

Rogue Trader (1st Edition):
Published 1987, Rogue Trader introduced The Imperium (Guard and Marines, plus Inquisitors, etc), Eldar, Squats, Space Orks.
Also included many "lesser" races, such as Tyranids, Genestealers, Ambulls, Grox, Enslavers, etc.

Chaos did not exist at this point; there were Daemons, but they were not a unified force, just weird aliens.

Realm of Chaos:
A two-book supplement that brought us the forces of Chaos. This is when the Horus Heresy was first mentioned, and the "Imperial Army" was restructured into the Guard we know today.

Space Hulk:
Space Hulk introduced Terminators to the game. It also expanded upon the Genestealers mentioned back in Rogue Trader. Originally, Terminators used a Storm Bolter and Power Glove, but other weapons emerged over time, including Heavy Flamers, Assault Cannons, Power Fists, Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield and Cyclone Missile Launcher.

White Dwarf 127:
A truly epic edition, WD127 is when the Eldar as we know them were born.

Originally, the Eldar had been pirates, with little or no information on their racial background. Now, they had become a dying race, doomed to wander the stars forever aboard the Craftworlds. Here we found the Aspect Warriors, Exarchs (who were more like Autarchs), Farseers, Warlocks and the Avatar.

The original "pirate" stylings would largely vanish, but they did return in Battlefleet Gothic with the Corsair list, and the theme was part of the inspiration for the Dark Eldar.

2nd Edition:
Released in 1993.
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Default Re: Timeline

I have a servicable 40k timeline. I'll send it to you when I get home
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