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Questions about transports
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Default Questions about transports


1. Can a unit start the game in a transport, as in as soon as that players first turn arrives the vehicle can move with passengers aboard?

2. Can an Independent character start the game already joined with a unit that is not bodyguard/retinue? Also, if they wanted to join a unit and then enter a transport the same movement phase, would that be possible?

3. Dedicated transports do not use up a force organization slot?

I hate to be picky, but if you can also reference where in the rule book where these rules are, because I don't just wanted to tell people this, and then not know where to find it to back myself up. Thanks!
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Default Re: Questions about transports

1&2) Doesn't Say they can't.
3) They Don't take up a slot (62, Who can use a transport vehicle)
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