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How do your characters interact?
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Default How do your characters interact?

Hello all,
I'm curious to know if & how you reconcile the fluff of your various characters together. For instance, I know FT has and ongoing (perhaps over now) saga between Mars Aran & the Four Winds of Chaos. But has anyone else worked out intertwining plots? If so, please share.

I'm asking because a) I'm curious and b) I want to steal ideas. I've got (or will have) four fairly disjointed armies each with their own characters. Ideally, I'd like to create some back story to tie them all together, but I'm having a tough time.

So please share a snapshot of each of your characters (2-3 sentences) and how they interact with each other. Here's what I have thus far.

Autarch Rhyannil - The Shadow Raven of Elathiad is a relatively reserved leader but a shrewd tactician. She has led the Elathiad in war for several centuries and has re-shaped the craftworld's army into an elite strike force.
Farseer Morvyn - He is a pessimistic seer of the Elathiad whose prophecies often involve the ultimate destruction of his people. He is a staunch follower of Ynnead and abhors the necromantic use Spirit Stones to recall souls from the Infinity Circuit.

Inquisitor Lord Karl Leeuwenhoek - The Rook was once a tech-priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus who specialized in Xenos technology. He was "persuaded" to serve the Inquisition after an investigation of his research. He now passionately pursues knowledge of Xenos technology to carry out his Thorian Revivificator beliefs.
Captain ? - This Deathwatch captain leads a team attached to Inquisitor Rook's mission. He leads a relatively eclectic team of Space Marines who - despite the conflicts within the team - operates very effectively as the dagger in the night of Rook's Ordo Xenos strike force.

Lord Aureus - Once the Chief Apothecary of the Storm Crows, Aureus orchestrated the fall of the Storm Crows into the service of Nurgle. Aureus is a man obsessed with studying disease, bacteria, viruses, prions and archaea to serve as both a weapon to his enemies and a way to augment the abilities of his troops.
Sorcerer Aruanah - He is a fallen Dark Angel who split from his brethren early after the Horus Heresy to serve the Plague Lord Nurgle. Aruanah has unlocked the secrets to creating Plague Marines and served Abbadon for a time. However, he saw the Storm Crows as an opportunity to seize power for himself and aided Aureus in the fall of the Chapter.

Azog Grubsnikka - Until recently, Azog was a Feral Ork Warboss who was leading his Gargurd Boyz on a mighty Waaagh! across their planet. His planet was attacked by Space Orks and Azog's forces eventually prevailed - allowing them to launch their own Waaagh! into Space. Azog is a cunning Warboss who makes up for what he lacks in stature with deceit and treachery.
Nagath - Prophet of Mork - it was Nagath who inspired Azog to lead his Waaagh! and helped him to defeat Warboss Grumnob through guerrilla warfare. Nagath is a half-mad Warphead who loves the thrill of battle and leads his own mob of crazed Keltik Boyz into battle wearing plaid kiltz and playing squig pipes.

Current Thread Ideas
Inquisitor Rook's obsession with studying Xenos species and technology leads him to temporarily seek an alliance with the Storm Crows to learn more of Xenos microbes - especially the Obliterator Virus. Or perhaps to seek an alliance with the Elathiad to try to steal a Waystone or recover the Spirit Stone from Lord Antigonus Balorodin's Soulwatcher Helm (which he'll return after an "full investigation").

Lord Aureus offers Azog Grubsnikka stronger, harder boys with bioenhancements for permission to experiment on several of his boys.

Not much else, I'm afraid. So share your own back stories with me.

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: How do your characters interact?

Tau (when I get round to collecting them): Commander Vitellius' first mission was to take the planet of Myra IV, under Imperial control until a few years previously, from the Tau Empire. It wa here that he encountered Shas'O Lynu's Au'taal cadre, who used guerilla tactics and lightning strikes to cripple his cumbersome forces. Inexperienced and over-confident, Vitellius was pushed off the planet and returned to Macragge in disgrace, but was spared from demotion due to the completion of his secondary objective - to create a sufficient distraction to allow a Callidus assasin to impersonate O'Lynu, while the real O'Lynu was captured for extensive interrogation by the Inquisition. The cadre eventually uncovered the assasin and liberated O'Lynu from the Inquisitor's moon fortress, and they have frequently clashed with the Ultramarines during their regular raids on Myra IV.

IG: Lord-General Nikolas Surovi is a radically uncoventional tactician, and the reasoning practicality of him and his regiment once brought them into conflict with a mad Inquisitor. When Vitellius' Ultramarines came to destroy them, Surovi managed to convince him to listen to them, and with the intervention of the Blood Pigeons the Inquisitor was uncovered as a heretic himself, acting only in his own devious interests. With him eliminated, Vitellius and Surovi built up a mutual respect and friendship, and they have often been known to fight at each other's side.
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Default Re: How do your characters interact?

This is for Puritanical Inquisition (Mercay), Radical Inquisition (Phelan), Tau (Silas and O'Vio'anoi), and Eldar (when I make it less horrible)

Inquisitor Queen Victoire Mercay: The mother of Silas Kruger and Phelan Pendragon, both have disappeared after her husband died (Inquisitor King Rowach Pendragon) and she is seeking them as one of them will be the new ruler of the Verdon Duchy.

Inquisitor Lord Phelan Pendragon: Son of Rowach and Victoire, fraternal twin of Silas. He is a radical and is responsible for his fathers death, by using Silas as a puppet to kill Rowach, trying to get him killed by the palace guard so he could take the throne.

Inquisitiro Lord Silas Kruger (Pendragon): Son of Rowach and Victoire, fraternal twin of Phelan. He escaped his brothers attempt on his life. He fled to Tau space. He banished the daemon used to control him, eventually finding his way to the Black Library. There he met Shas'O Vio'Anoi. They joined forces to combat the forces of Tilgath the Arcane.

Shas'O Vio'Anoi: Commander Bloodmoon, Serv'Rotaa'Da sept (Seven Days Darkness). Fought Tilgath and his forces on Serv'Rotaa'Da (all contact was cut off by a warp storm). Eventually he found his way into the Webway and the Black Library, making allies of Silas and Eldar warriors.

As of yet I have nothing for the eldar, as I only have 850 pt, really broken list, and if I can't play it in good concious, I won't make fluff for it
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Default Re: How do your characters interact?

Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn
For instance, I know FT has and ongoing (perhaps over now) saga between Mars Aran & the Four Winds of Chaos.
Actually, it's still on going . Just evolved a bit.

Anyway, heres mine:

Archite Drael'Kaen: Dark Eldar Wych Archite, interacts with Gemiel and Adual, but has little contact with Arnell. Polar opposite to Tyross and she willingly takes an active interest in the affairs of others.
Cali (and her Bandits): Danitun Guardsmen. Cali is a ball buster, cross between a Commissar and a sarge. The team itself is a stealth team and is loved by all Danitun Guardsmen.
Canoness Alica: Sister of Gemiel, and leader of the Adepta Sororitas Order of the Raped Virgin. Hates every Chaos worshipping in sight and will fight above and beyond the call of duty.
Canoness Gemiel: Sister of Alica (see below), killed her sister on Cha'Mont'Yr and became a daemon princess. Hunted by Inquisitor Holt especially. Has a love/hate relationship with Arnell
Champion Caltox: Arnell's right hand minion. Was a loyal Aspiring Champion but quickly became a Chosen warrior and then a Arnell's most trusted Lieutenant after the death of the former (at the hands of Caltox no-less). It is rumoured by Damius and Adual that it will be Caltox that finally kills Arnell.
Farseer Tyross: Leader of the Cha'Los Eldar. Keeps himself to himself and only subtly manipulates things. Little is known about the possible implications of his meddling.
Grand Marshall Jean Halgar: Leader of the 1st regiment of Danitun Guardsmen, warriors who fight for Lord Arnell, but are completely automous and fight just like regular Guardsmen (i.e. with flashlights)
Inquisitor Holt: Hereticus Inquisitor, hates Arnell, Adual and Gemiel especially. Hangs out with Aran and Alica.
Lord Adual: Tzeentchian sorcerer, and former Fists of Flame. Helped Canoness Gemiel escape Tarsiss III and became a traitor. Was an active participant in the Golgothan Insurgency campaign on the Cha'Mont'Yr, but didn't achieve his aims.
Lord Arnell: Former Dark Angel (yes, he's a fallen angel), was told by Adual and Damius that he could become a daemon prince by diverting a Tyranid hivefleet and then preying upon the Imperial transport fleeing the Tyranid attack and it worked.
Lord Damius: Former Death Guard, respected warrior-brother to Lord Arnell pre-heresy, perfected his creation, the Rictuus plague and became a daemon prince following the Second War for Tarsiss III against the Fists of Flame (see Mars Aran below).
Mars Aran: Chapter Master of the Fists of Flame and Chief Librarian. Hates the forces of Chaos, Adual and Damius especially for their traitorous ways.
The White Star: A Harlequin Solitaire who interacts with Drael'Kaen and Tyross and is often the herald of great times of strife. Actively hunts the Four Winds.
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Default Re: How do your characters interact?

The Deceiver rules the Decepticrons with an iron hand, the administrator of their systems, the devourer of their souls. No foe has survived long enough to become a more serious rival.

Lord Gribbly has always led my Alpha legion to victory, but following the advent of the Warp Storm (new Codex) his rule has become disputed by Iron Smith Xull, Brother Slaughterer Hraavack, Brother Pestilent Glubbulous, Brother Fether Sylvester and Brother Sorcerer Dhuurock. The full story may be read by following this link.


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Default Re: How do your characters interact?

Inquisitor Dante
-Has worked alongside Captain Alexian many times and has even called upon the aid of Captain Thalion and Captain Icarus of the Ultramarines and Blood Ravens respectively.

Grey Knight Brother-Captain Alexian
-Has served alongside Inquisitor Dante many times since he joined the Ordo Malleus and has also fought beside Captain Icarus.

Blood Ravens Captain Icarus
-Faced the traitor astartes and their daemonic allies many times at the behest of Inquisitor Dante and often alongside Captain Alexian of the Grey Knights.

Ultramarines Captain Vash Thalion
-Has on more than one occasion put his Company in the service of Inquisitor Dante to defeat the enemies of the Emperor, and his Company was cleared of all charges by Dante when a radical Inquisitor tricked a task force of Grey Knights into trying to erradicate Captain Thalion and his men.

Shas'O Ximoro'An
-Ximoro'An hates the Space Marines intensely and seeks in every campaign to slaughter as many of the Emperor's Finest as he can find and has on more than one occasion attempted to kill Captain Thalion, Captain Icarus, Captain Vincati and the other characters of my various Astartes armies.

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Default Re: How do your characters interact?

567th Orrax Grenadiers
CinC, Major Escabar Corgan was born on the Ice Moon of Orrax, his mother was one of millions of indentured penal colonists working the ice. The High Warden sent Corgan to live in a Convent orphanage in Hive Primus, Necromunda. Corgan ran away at the tender age of 16 and cut his teeth in the cut-throat world of the Underhive. He came to prominence after going solo, splitting from his adoptive gang led by a Catachan Guard deserter. Targeted for termination by a local Guilder interest, Corgan was forced to use information gleaned about his former boss's shady past to bring the Arbitrators down hard on the escalating situation. He managed to buy a more lenient sentence for himself, deportation back to Orrax, but earned himself the eternal enmity of his former boss and his fellow deserters. Corgan went on to win a brevet rank for himself during the storming of Pelloris Ridge during the Fered Roathi campaign, and when the war ended, he was awarded overall command of this small elite band of grenadiers. Since then he has often been hired by the enigmatic Inquisitor Armenio and has fought in various thatres. Wounded many times in the course of his career, the most prominent scar he carries is a vertical slash across his left eye, delivered by a Genestealer and which only barely missed taking out the eye itself. This scar is Corgan's trademark and he still carries the claw that made it on a thong around his neck.

Commissar Edrik Vaughn was a cadet assigned to the legendary Commissar-General Draven during the Fered Roathi Campaign. He truly made his bones during the assault on the Triumphal Spire during which his inspirational and headlong charge carried the Orrax forward in the face of a daemonic summoning. Assigned to mind the Orrax 567th, he was instrumental in prosecuting a Genestealer cult during the defence of Gunga IV. He has earned the respect of the grizzled veterans he is charged to keep in line, and harbours dark suspicions over the mysterious events on Fered Roathi that led to Corgan's rise through the ranks. Only a lack of hard evidence stays his hand, but his memory is long.

Corwen Frocar is not an initiate of the Ministorum, nevertheless he is the one that administers to matters of faith within the regiment. During the assault on the Triumphal Spire Frocar was at Commissar Vaughn's side, carrying aloft a makeshift standard. This rally point helped Vaughn to redress the panicked ranks and carry them forward. After the campaign the 567th was gifted with a treasured relic, the bones of Saint Gavindar, an early and influential member of the Missionaria Protectiva and one of the city fathers in its earliest years. Frocar modified his makeshift standard to incorporate this reliquary and it has been a source of inspiration to the regiment ever since.
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Default Re: How do your characters interact?

Well, for my Tau, El'Adrya is the protege of O'Serrin, he took her under his wing and is teaching her all he knows.

For my Vampires, Lord Viktor Von Carstein turned a warrior who impressed him and made him his son-in-darkness, and his daughter-in-darkness was a found when he attacked an Bretonnian caravan that had strayed into northern Sylvania. He slaughtered the guards, slaking his thirst, and when he opened the carriage, he saw Sophia (then 18, now about 258 ) laying dying of illness, and felt pity for the first time in centuries, and saved her.

Between them, its a bit different. Erik often chafes, wanting power (as with all vampire kind - Viktor has come to blows with Mannfred over it before, but Mannfred defeated him and made him swear to him) whilst Sophia is loyal to her "father". She often travels, and has attended courts in the Empire and the Crescent Moon in the Street of a hundred Taverns, and Brettonia, as well as being very public in Waldenhof town.

Mine are based more on the Vampires of the Genevieve-verse, though.
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Default Re: How do your characters interact?

The Grand Seer: Farseer whose soul is sored (using spirit stones) in a giant wraith-tower fromwhich he can continue to prophecy.

The Storm King: The mythical eldar leader who will become an exarch and then be able to pull himself out again.

The Storm Prince: An Eldar Autarch who some believe will become the Storm King. He is the greatest disciple of the Grand Seer.

Omeganus of the Silver Guard: leads a space marine chapter who hate Tzeentch after a thousand son army betrayed them just as they had secured their homeworld. The Silver Guard were driven off the planet but some were still trappped. Admiral Yaxtabaal then destroyed it from orbit. The silver Guard have often joined forces with those of Kian-Dalthash (my eldar) against chaos.

Admiral Yaxtabaal: once a loyal admiral in the Imperial navy, now he has turned his fleet to the will of Tzeentch, his first act was the destruction of The Silver Guard Homeworld.

The Ceres 101st Heavy Infantry: Guard regiment from the Ceres of the sol system. They were amongst the first forces to mobilise in the defense of the silver guard. Many of the Guard's children are brothers of the guard and many of the guard themselves have formed their system's PDF.

Constantine Glücksborg: Leader of the Ceres 101st during the scouring when they were formed. When the 101st were betrayed by the eldar on Asklepios, it was by Kian-Dalthash. The sword he carried belonged to an Eldar Autarch. Omeganus is a Descendent of Constantine and still carries his name and that sword.
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