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1st Edition....*chuckles*
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Default 1st Edition....*chuckles*

Wasn't it hilarious? I rulebook with seemingly no rules, weapon stats that made no sense, and battles that took virtually the same amount of time to draw up army lists for as it did to play the game. I recently bought a copy of it on eBay to see if it's really that bad, and God it's funny. I love it.

Share your memories of this beautiful era of wargaming here.

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Default Re: 1st Edition....*chuckles*

Rogue trader is awesome, note how the laspistol costs a point to equip a soldier with. Note how the guns a described, with the "Macro Gun" is a "Marco Gun".

I'm a big fan of the book though. Its awesome, and not that easy to come by these days.
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