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Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?
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Default Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

What was the most Unlucky/ Funniest 40k Battle you ever played? Did your rock 'ard Khorne Berzerkers loose in close combat against the Tau? Did you set up your 4 man heavy support squad too close to the edge of the table, and run off as soon as one of them was killed? (I did that to someone once >)

Anyway. The funniest thing that happened to me was yesterday. At GW it was "Challenge the staff day" and I challenged one of the staff. He caused 2 wounds to my sorcerer, and my dreadnought went insane and finished him off. My biker then drove down a hole (Failed dangerous terrain test) and my dreadnought went insane again, and blew a hole in the rear armor of my rhino, Killing 3 of my Chaos marines :-\ By my second turn, I was outnumbered by nearly 4:1 and all his shots had missed/ not done anything :-\
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Default Re: Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

Ah the random factor ;D .

Well let's see, this was awhile ago, and it was fairly regular.

In the bad old days of 2006, when I had my Tau, I faught a Daemonhunter player (who was amazing at painting) quite a lot, due to tactical stupidity on my part, he would get into combat. Suddenly my Fire warriors all became ninja's.
Even so they couldn't score wounds, the hits were immense, I would kill one or even 2 grey knights (it's an achievement, honestly).

Luck is a weird thing, it did lead to the death of 2 (old codex) nurgle terminators, to two fire warriors, fearless was a curse that day.
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Default Re: Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

It was my Iron Dragons vs my friends Space Wolves, and.....somehow...it eneded up as one huge effing combat in the middle of the table, with my Dreadnought at the very centre of the battle. He destroyed my Dreadnought, and it resulting in a 6" explosion. It killed 3/4 of his army and did nothing to mine. I then subsequently wiped him out. It's worth noting that the dreadnought had done nothing that battle, killing no-one at all.

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Default Re: Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

i took out a rhino when it charged at my sniper drone team. i cant remember what happened as it was a while back. but it sounds real unlucky for my freind.
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Default Re: Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

I had a dreadnought that was blowing my opponents to bits once, so he kept on using ordance weapons against it except almost evey shot missed and half of them hits his own units, I won in the end but he had killed more of his troops than I had ;D
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Default Re: Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

yesterday I had a great battle against a Chaos player.
I had 2x 10 Kroot in one big forest very close to my opponent (we were playing a Cleanse mission and they infiltrated into an unused quarter). Turn one my opponent drove a Landraider up to them, as well had a squad of Chaos Marines with the mark of Khorn march behind it.

Out of the Landraider came 6 Chosen toting 4 Flamers. Oddly enough he didn't want to flame my closest Kroot squad out of fear that he wouldn't be able to make a charge after. So those 6 Chosen charge my 10 Kroot and surprisingly the Chosen received 9 wounds, failing 3 armor saves, thus cutting the squad in half. Unfortunately the Kroot squad got wiped but next turn I reduced the Chosen squad to 2 with shooting attacks, then charged my other Kroot squad into them. Again I delivered 9 wounds and the last 2 Chosen died, but 2 Kroot died in the process.

Some time later that Chaos squad (reduced to 4 men strong) charged the 8 remaining Kroot. The Kroot killed the entire squad but the Chaos Marines killed everything except for the last Kroot. This particular one is a shaper model and because of the mask and cape, I call him Superkroot.

Superkroot ventured out of the forest and headed straight for 2 Obliterators. I tried to slim the squad down with a crisis suit, but I accidentally wiped them out. Superkroot spent the rest of the game running across the field to join a combat. Eventually he got to jump in when 3 raptors charged my Iron Man (Shas'O) Along with 2 Gun Drones, Iron Man and Superkroot managed to reduce the squad of raptors down to the last man by the end of turn 6 while taking no casualties of their own.

...Yes, this was the only game I've ever had where I won more combats than my Chaos opponent
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Default Re: Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

Last game at Colours 2007 last year . My "C" Eldar list ( my A list was still under construction ) vs 1K Sons .

What could I say , a combination of very good luck for my opponent with some dreadfull critical rolls for me .

1) His Terminator squad make 4 Pulse Laser inv saves , leaving my Starcannon to plink a wound off per turn . Was down to my 6 Fire Dragons , who fluffed up as well ( a single dead terminator ...... ) .
2) His 2 Obliterators made 9 inv saves in 2 turns ( 7 AP1 Pathfinder and 2 Bright Lance wounds ) . They then proceed to swat both my Wave Serpents out the sky with straight 6's . 10 DA's turned into 3 , 8 Howling Banshees turned into 7 ( w00t!) , who were then smacked down by his Prince with his Chaos gingivitis power ..........
3) A total of 24 Death Spinner wounds netted me a single dead Fallen Chaos SMurf .
4) Farseer failed all but 2 tests . No PotW test though :-\
5) Vibro Cannons fail to roll higher than a 2 for every squad it hit , all game .
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Default Re: Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

I had a game a week ago where I failed around 9/10 saves, making only cover saves, and only half of those to boot.
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Default Re: Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

The worst game I had was before I sold my Iron Warriors. A unit of 12 Chosen Terminators charges a unit of Blood angle scouts. The scouts win combat, my terminators break and are cut down. The game went into a bit of a decline from there.
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Default Re: Funniest/ Unluckiest 40K battle ever?

One game of whfb's resulted in 20 night goblins running down a dragon ogre shaggoth, something around 200 points or maybe more taken out by around half of that. also in the same game grimgor ironhide and archeon(?), who were in a challenge, and their units matched each other round after round till grimgor & co finally ran them down.
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