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The Art of poorhammer
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Default The Art of poorhammer

Save for buying/swapping for second hand models, the most obvious means of saving money is by buying models from a discounter, or, of course, by buying packages such as battalion boxes. This is intended as a basic guide to how and when to do which.

First off, models made prior to third ed tend to look very different from modern ones. Especially for classics like space marines. So, you end up essentially picking which one you've got to go with unless aesthetics are really not a concern for you at all. In general, basic troops tend to be very easy to find secondhand for excellent prices, and often, these can be inexpensively converted to other troop types. Specialist stuff is less easy to convert, and the older models are often rare, and expensive. Old metal landspeeders, for example. So, army composition will be the main factor as to which option is likely to be easier.

Lets look at some of the packages, at 20%(assuming a decent discount. If you get the 30% they're advertising on here, you'll do even better). I tend to hit SM packages, since they're popular, but of course, the same rules apply to any race.

Macragge, $48 bucks. When you consider that a regular space marine squad is $35, this may seem like a good deal. However, only relatively basic troops are included, and of two different armies, which may be inefficient. If you intend to play either SM or nids, one of these is an ok choice to get going, but only because it's the cheap rulebook. If you play something else, order it individually off ebay/discount place. Or trade with a local player.

SM Battleforce. $72. 15xTac Marines(I prefer getting full squads for simplicity, but honestly, marines are similar enough that it's not a biggie. You can use em to pad a dev squad, for example.), rhino, 5xscouts, and 5x assault marines. The assault marines are the high point to these, as nearly everyone wants a few, and even if you should decide not to use them, the bits are very flexible, and of course, they make a popular trade option. Bout $135 worth of models, all told.

Megaforce. $140, so roughly double a BF. You literally get everything from the battleforce, and a commander, a command squad, a razorback upgrade(from the rhino), a predator, and a dread. You'll note that these tend not to come in packages a lot, and furthermore, that they pretty much double the value. Same overall cost savings, BUT, you get a bunch of more unusual models. IE, if you're not intending to get a lot of normal troops, it'll be more efficient in the long run to start with a megaforce.

Ravenwing BF. $72. insignia are removable on plastic models. With ease. Only $125 worth in this package, so it's not as hot of a deal, considering the extra work. Only get it if you really want to get that many bikes, IMO.

Space Wolf BF. $72. Total:$145 worth. However, one of the older BFs, and the total price doesn't reflect the option of getting DA bikes $10 cheaper. Additionally, it's troop heavy, and requires a lot of reasonably annoying modification if you decide to use it for regular marines. I wouldn't reccomend this for converting.

Ways to get models cheaper:
Bikes - Buy ravenwing instead of the usual ones. $10 less a three pack, and you get the extra feathery bits. Even if you don't plan on using them, there are no bad bits. Trading fodder, if nothing else.

Assault Troops - Each assault box contains two full sets of bodies, and several extra heads and arms. Not to mention, plenty of backpacks and jetpacks to go around. IE, all you need to do is trade for new legs/order them from a bitz place, and you'll have both jetpack troops and regular assault troops. Perfect.

Vet Squads. The metal models are a pain to convert, and don't have anything that unique. Also, they are expensive compared to normal assault boxes. Bust out your extra assault marine and commander bits, and make em yourself.

Codexes. Ebay or amazon, seriously. You can often find them even cheaper than from a discount shop. For amusement though, check out the space wolf entry on GWs site.

Much more coming later. Specifically, apoc stuff, and cost saving conversion options. Going to sleep now.
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Default Re: The Art of poorhammer

Ahh Poorhammer. I myself wrote a guide to this a while back (co incidentally with almost the same title). Here's a link

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Default Re: The Art of poorhammer

Nice! Quite useful.

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Default Re: The Art of poorhammer

Now that we've covered the basics, it's time to move onto some of the more unconventional ways of gaining models.

1. Competitions. Does your local store run competitions with prizes? If not, kindly bonk them over the head, and point out that GW will subsidize prizes for up to four events per year(typically a battalion box, a regiment box, and a blister for prizes). Competitions = more gamers in the store. More customers = more money for them with no cost, and minimal work. And possible prizes for you.

2. No local store carries GW? How unfortunate. Luckily for you, there are a couple of ways to remedy this. First off, persuade a local shop to carry GW product. Before doing so, though, make sure to contact trade sales(they've got the info on the GW web site) regarding the persuadee. Once you convince em, score, you get a free battalion box.

3. Start your own shop. In addition to an endless supply of heavily discounted models for yourself and your mates, you can actually make some cash and spread the hobby. The downside, naturally, is that it takes a fair chunk of change to get going. And you'll need somewhere to sell from. Oh, fringe benefit, trade sales tends to send out sample packs to interested parties. Mine contained three paint pots, and a box of models from each of the three game systems, as well as the latest white dwarf. However, I only advise this route if you are actually considering opening a shop, as otherwise it's a bit dodgy ethically.

4. Apply to work at GW. If you end up working there, great employee discount, as well as a reasonably enjoyable job(beats flipping burgers, anyhow). Additionally, at the assessment centers, there tends to be a variety of freebies. Typically, everyone gets a blister of choice and a random generic model for a painting competition. Winners of the various events get bonus swag.

More coming whenever I next get motivated.
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Default Re: The Art of poorhammer

I've looked at both of these guides & they're really useful.
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Default Re: The Art of poorhammer

Re: Macragge boxed set. You left out the reasons that make it a good starting point. You get a rule book and templates as part of the package. The hardback rulebook by itself costs more than the Macragge set, so you're getting the terrain, models, and templates for free. Granted, the hardback rulebook is much nicer, can take more abuse, and has about twice as many pages. The additional stuff has nothing to do with how to play the game, though, and we're talking about being cheap here. A little over half of the guys where I play have Macragge rulebooks.
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Default Re: The Art of poorhammer

This is a really useful guide.
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Default Re: The Art of poorhammer

A very nice guide. I'm halfway tempted to start selling WH40K out of my basement like some sort of drug dealer, lol.
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Default Re: The Art of poorhammer

hmm. Nice guide.

I never knew GW sponosred Battleforce sized prices. We did that for WD's 30th birthday but when I won a store comp (an apoc tourney) I only got Ł15's worth of stuff (a squad of rangers)
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Default Re: The Art of poorhammer

You can also look for nonstandard/specialist games. Space Hulk was this way, offering terminators and genestealers in large numbers. Warhammer Quest and Necromunda can also be used in this way. When Necromunda started to die at my local independent store, Ig players bought up the boxed sets at steep discounts, thus fielding the infantry squads cheaply. Rarely, you can even find these stand alone games at toy stores, often at large discounts.
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