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Jump Pack Infantry and Assaulting.
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Default Jump Pack Infantry and Assaulting.

Can jump pack infantry assault through one unit to another behind that unit?
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Default Re: Jump Pack Infantry and Assaulting.

No, since their assault move is treated just as a normal infantry move - i.e., they also have to test for difficult terrain - and since "normal infantry movement" emans that you can`t ignore enemy models in your way, this isn`t possible.

This is explained in detail in the Rule Book under the Jump Pack entry.

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Default Re: Jump Pack Infantry and Assaulting.

It is, however, possible to assault multiple units, provided the situation is correct. The easiest example is two squads deployed right next to each other, with you nice and close to the midpoint.

Keep in mind that you still have to obey all those rules like coherency, staying 1" away from units you are not charging, etc.

In certain situations, Ive definitely gotten quite a bit of benefit from this rule. Against guard especially, when they pile up in terrain. =)
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