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Your made-up world
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Default Your made-up world

Almost everyone has there own made up planet that they use or create.
Whats yours?
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Default Re: Your made-up world

Funestus Tertius - an ice world with a mild equator a few systems away from the Forge World of Kantreal, though some equipment is obtained from the nearer Forge World of Abraxas Secundus. Relations between the two planets are strained after a confict between them a few hundred years ago, after which Funestan regiments were inundated with Commissars sent to ensure that a similar incident never happens again. The planet is the home of the celebrated XVth Funestans, under the command of Lord-General Nikolas Surovi (and his pet chicken Edna). The government of the planet is based on a military system - the Lord-General of each regiment is in charge of an area roughly the size of a very small country, and the commander of the first regiment, the General Primus, is the ruler of the planet. Major exports include coal, gold and furs.
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Default Re: Your made-up world

The Ice Moon of Orrax - This moon orbits the gas giant designated AV623~2, which in turn orbits an orphaned Red Giant in the Corollis system, several light years from the Hive world of Necromunda. Once the surface of this satellite was 90% ocean and supported temperate atmospheric conditions, with a wealth of CO2 and hydrogen and supporting a plethora of sea-creatures.

However, long before the Imperium came to colonise the moon, the parent star of the Corollis system went super-nova. The catastrophe caused AV623~2 to slip several degrees further from its own star, plunging Orrax into permanent winter. The seas froze over, creating the ice moon as it is known today. The frozen oceans of Orrax are a valued commodity in the sector, where many colonised planets require water and oxygen to be shipped from off-world. Thus the Penal Colony of Orrax came into existence, the indentured population forced to work in some of the harshest conditions known to mankind.

The colonists are shipped from worlds such as Necromunda, Garganis Aquilas, Sarassa Prime, Salcius Juris and Pardus Sacritea, where crime is rife and punishment is meted out with cold vehemence. Their survival on Orrax depends upon a stalwart physical constitution combined with indomitable determination, meaning that a successful Orrax Colonist (defined as one who lasts longer than a year on the ice) can stand toe to toe with almost any blood-born deathworlder in the Imperium without flinching. The first Penal Legions to be drawn from Orrax were to prove this hardiness on the field of battle. They have been highly sought after ever since.
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Default Re: Your made-up world

Alpha too - my ork world. An ex-imperial world with a shed load of manufacturing plants and nothing but wasted cities as far as an ork can see.
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Default Re: Your made-up world

Baro: A volcanic mining world similar to that of Mustafar. This world is where my Tau are situated.

Calthalas Prime: An Ice Swamp world. The planet and the entire system is under the control of my Plague Marines.
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Default Re: Your made-up world

Northern Continent
Most mountainous part of Chihad with the mountains containing vast amounts of ores and minerals, as well as some rare metals. Most of the hive cities are located here built around the manufactoriums of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Southern Eastern Continent
Agricultural Hub of Chihad. Here, the farmers of Chihad work harded to produce the food needed for the manufactorium workers of the northern continents.

Central Western Continent

Jungled forest of Chihad with a desert in the middle of the continent. Several feral ork tribes thrive within the jungles and desert of Chihad. Several Outposts are used to control ork population and as training grounds for new regiments of Chihad.
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Default Re: Your made-up world

This is the world for my Inquisition, most of the more boring stuff (read filler for realism) has been cut out. The origional document is over 6 pages in length and is part of a document of about 40 pages or so (once completed) dealing with background for the main characters in my army.

Kheltis (Verdon Prime) – Planetary Survey
Segmentum: Tempestus
Sector: Tropus
Sub-Sector: Iscariot
System: Verdon. Seven Planets (Kheltis, Balor, Nemain, Morrigan, Llyr, Camalus, Artio)
Summary: Kheltis is an Inquisitorial Fortress world. It houses facilities for holding, torture and disposal for enemies of mankind.
Satellites: Druantia, Lugh
Population: 9.4 million (human, abhumans are not permitted on the surface with the exception of those bound for ‘processing’)
Climate Classification: Sub-Temperate – standard (tempestuous)
TitheGrade: Ordos Non
Climatic Regions:
Seas: 64% of the planets surface is covered by water. The water ranges from small rivers to large, deep lakes. The water is rich in oxygen and supports abundant life from single-cell organisms to large carnivorous fish over 250 feet in length. Much of the food for the planet is harvested from the sea, and much of the vegetable matter consumed is also cultivated from the sea (some is aquatic planets and others is grown in the nutrient-rich shallows). The deeper lakes should not be traversed by the unwary as they are the homes of the native Drahseer.
Mountains: Jagged basalt rock formations, formed by tectonic plate movements. Much of the mountains to rugged to be traversed easily, so there are few settlements within the mountain ranges. There are few creatures that live within the upper reaches of the range, such as the Grihndell. There are only two settlements in the mountains, the Temple of the Antikytheran Mechanism and the Inquisitorial Fortress of the Drahseer. The main mountain range, is the Cadair-Idris mountain range.
Plains: There are no real plains on the surface, as the surface that is not covered with water or mountains is covered in forest. Many of the trees have been growing for ages and many are massive, some having grown to more than 300 feet. The forest is filled with countless animal and plant life. The forests are where the majority of settlements are located and all of the industry is carried out. The only cleared areas are those that have deforested for farming and for landing/take-off pads for trans-atmospheric flight. There are no star-ports on the surface, all intergalactic travel is routed through star docks, never to touch the surface of the planet.
Polar: The polar caps of the planet are ice packed frozen tundra. There is very little life in the polar regions, but the northern pole contains a hostile-weather training facility as well as a prison for low-risk (read trivial) heretics, mutants and aliens. There are often released into the wilderness and hunted by the trainees.
Climatic phenomena:
Tears of Airmid: the Tears of Airmid are intense electrical storms that occasionally rage across the surface of the planet. The electrical storms occasionally start fires that burn through the undergrowth (on Kheltis, this is everything under 45 feet or so), creating nourishment for plant life. Airmid is the deity of Healing and the new planting cycle, it is the paradoxical rebirth of the world’s ecology through destruction.
Economy: The economy of Khetlis is a feudal system, the workers produce food and other essentials, keeping what they need to survive, the artisans take the food they need, building and creating, the officers take food and materials, and the Inquisitorial House takes what is left. The system is odd when compared to the galaxy at large, but they system works for the Kheltians. There is no poverty as all castes are required to be at top form to be able to properly run, every attempt has been made to keep the populace well-feed and healthy. On the occasion that there is a crisis, the Inquisitorial House has a vast store for imported food stuffs (trade for weapons and armor), which is passed out as needed.
Society: The Kheltian society is a loose-caste, feudal system. The lowest class of citizens is the farmers and workers. They provide the backbone for the rest of they castes, without them there would be no food, no weapons, no power, no buildings, nothing. The Kheltians have a distrust of servitors, using them only for the most menial of tasks; they are not trusted with handling food (other than carrying crates) and are not trusted to be careful enough to be used in construction, making the need for human laborers a necessity. The worker caste is also the warrior cast, the entirety (at least the male members, females are expected to maintain the worker tasks and produce new citizens) of the worker class is expected are trained and ready to take up arms if the need where to become dire. Those workers that excel beyond their peers (the top 15% or so) are called into full-time military duty. The next caste is the artisans. The caste includes architects, engineseers, merchants, medics, weapon-smiths and other jobs of trade. They provide all materials for war, tanks, armor, hellguns, bolters and plasma weapons, but they also provide food, shelter and all other necessities of life. The artisan class has Houses that are known for certain trades, and most of the persons in these houses are of the same bloodline, but on occasion, members of the worker class can find places in one of the Houses as apprentices, and some day taking an important roll in the House. The next caste is the officers (once the knight caste). There are six officer Houses, and each House has its own training methods and ideologies of battle. The officer houses specialize in certain forms of combat; all tank officers come from House Taranis (named after their ancient thunder god), and the officers of House Piran are skilled in the art of infiltration, scouting and cartography (Piran is named after mythical creatures which translates roughly into “The Black Ones”). Most Kheltians in the castes lower than the officer caste do not speak Gothic, so off-worlders find it impossible to communicate with caste members below officers (this can be difficult if a non-Kheltian Inquisitor utilizes their troops and an officer is otherwise incapacitated). Some warriors that prove themselves in several campaigns are often inducted into one of the officer Houses and trained further. The last caste is the Inquisitor caste (once the Nobles), which is the ruling class of Kheltis and the Verdon Duchy. The caste consists of the Pendragon family, which is the same lineage that has ruled Kheltis and the Verdon Duchy for as long as the history of the world goes back, the current ruler being Victoire Mercay (wife of the late king Barak Pendragon with her maiden name as custom dictates). The line has produced at least two male heirs each generation, one to lead and the other sent into exile after ritual combat (though sometimes other circumstances lead to a ruler being chosen by other means). NOTE: There are currently problems with the kingship of Kheltis and the Verdon Duchy, as both of the heirs have disappeared (this is unknown outside of the Verdon Duchy). The rest of the caste is made up of those of the other castes that show psychic aptitude or particular fortitude, strength or other useful ability that can be utilized by Inquisitors. There are members of the Kheltis Inquisition that belong to every caste, while they are of the Inquisitorial House, they are removed from the line of kings as their bloodline is not of the Pendragons.
Religion: The religion of the Kheltians, as with all Imperial worlds, is the Imperial Cult. The local cult has the Emperor (referred to as Dagda) divided into aspects that are associated with their old pantheon. The Kheltians proved very resistant to have the Ecclesiarchy take direct control over their religion, but as long as the original priests were allowed to head the state cult and the Ecclesiarchy keep a watchful eye, they have maintained an understanding. The sincerity of the Kheltians has never been called into question, they are deeply religious and are faithful to the last, and their belief in the Emperor is shown as they battle the forces that desire to bring ruin to his Empire.
Principle Exports: Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, Hell-weaponry, Carapace Armor
Principle Imports: Raw materials, power-generators
Urbanization: There are small pockets of urbanization, where the primary workforces of Kheltis live. There are larger areas of urbanization around the landing zones, where shuttles are sent into orbit. Most of the planet retains its forest, leaving most of the planet undisturbed (as ordered by the Pendragon House).
Geological Comp: The planet has little volcanic activity and the basalt mountains that tower over the planet are slowly but constantly growing. The planet is almost entirely dormant. The surface of the planet below the rich layers of earth in which the forest is rooted lays dense layers of basalt rock which is resistant to erosion, leaving the surface of the planet relatively unchanged.
Tectonic Activity: The tectonic activity of Kheltis is minimal. The tectonic plates move very little, barely an inch every 30 years. The plates move at such a infinitesimal pace that there is almost no seismic disturbance. The only major effect that this seismic movement has is the slow rise of the Cadair-Idris mountain range.
Fortress of the Drahseer: The Fortress of the Drahseer is the ancestral castle that has ruled over Kheltis and the Verdon Duchy since the original colonists landed on Kheltis. This castle is a massive and impregnable fortress, carved directly into the basalt stone that makes up the Cadair-Idris mountain range. Spires raise high above the trees, and the cellars extend deep below, into the ground. The Fortress is the home of the Pendragons and location of the Council (where all castes and Houses are represented). The internal layout of the Fortress is unknown, as outside parties (including other Inquisitors) are only allowed down the central hall and the room known as the Common’s Throne.
Antikytheran Temple: The Antikytheran Temple is located withing the Cadair-Idris mountain range, near the equator of Kheltis. The temple is an ancient, shining bronze structure sitting atop Giobhniu (the Warsmith’s Mountains. Within the gilded halls, sits the Antikytheran Mechanism. It is a giant cube, ten meters on each side with 9 revolving inscribed discs set within the face. The halls are filled with constant ticking as the discs slowly move. The floor itself revolves around, forever showing the back to the sun and moons. There are none outside of Kheltis that know of the Mechanism, but it was a central location in the Kheltian religion before reclamation. If an outsider where to find the Mechanism, it would be illegible to them, as most Kheltians no longer recognize the language. Those who are educated enough to understand it can use the massive device much like psykers utilizing the Emperor’s Tarot to scry the threads of the future. Also contained within the Temple, are a vast collection of much smaller Antikytheran Mechanisms (some are as big as a cubic foot, some as small as a cubic inch), which can be utilized by senior ranking officers and Inquisitors.
Calabolg Prison: The Calabolg Prison is located within several kilometers of the northern pole. It descends 6 kilometers below the surface, carving out thousands of prison cells and torture chambers. The cells are filled with heretics, aliens and mutants awaiting questioning and execution. There are few that escape the torture that awaits them, only to find themselves to be released to the surface with nothing and then hunted down by training Drahseer Guardsmen. The prisoners are tortured and executed before (sometimes by) their bodies are tossed down a central shaft a magma river flowing beneath the prison. The tourturers of Kheltis are skilled in there craft, able to use myriads of different techniques, including neural-scourging, flaying, and arcane arts such as wracks and thumbscrews. The prison has held some of the most notorious heretics, including some of the Glaw family, and rumored to have held some of radical inquisitor Quiox’s followers. Those that are sent to the prison rarely ever see the light of day again (with the exception of the occasional arco-flagellate or penitent engine).

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Default Re: Your made-up world

Delrakken: Usually portrayed as a somewhat lawless world where rival gangs patrol the streets. One of my favourite Inquisitor characters hails from this world

Asphodel: A brutal hive world run by militaristic nobility. Mutant slaves labour in the lower reaches of the hives producing weapons and armour for the notorious "Asphodel Black Guard" regiment. These same mutants are sometimes conscripted into military service to be used as cannon fodder.

Scylarus: A world under the tyrannical reign of one Governor Nylis Haroal and his family until they were murdered by a mysterious assailant.

Corant V (aka Orktuga): A minor forge world that fell to the ork warlord Gashbad before being renamed "Orktuga". It now serves as not only a home base for the warlord, but also as a rallying point for all sorts of renegade ork warbands
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Default Re: Your made-up world

Tran'Ky V A minor sept world on the north eastern fringes of the Tau empire, the ice world of Tran'Ky is know for the valuable medicinal compounds that can be found in the creatures that swim beneath it's frozen seas. It is a lightly defended world, as the small size of the colony means that it can raise only a single cadre.

Charis beta A mountainous world orbiting the binary companion of the star Tran'ky, Charis beta was once a proving ground for imperial weapons systems, and is currently home to a small band of rouge space marines. Although they call themselves "The Reaper Legion" they actually number less than a single company, and have no warp-capable ships. They launch intermittent raids upon the neighboring Tau, most of which have little success.

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Default Re: Your made-up world

Originally Posted by O Vioanoi
40 pages or so
Originally Posted by O Vioanoi
40 pages or so
Originally Posted by O Vioanoi
40 pages or so


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