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Terminator Question
Old 16 Feb 2008, 01:42   #1 (permalink)
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Default Terminator Question

1). Do Terminators still use Initiative 1 when using Power/Chain Fists?

2). A Terminator has a Power Weapon and Storm Bolter. Does he still get an additional assault for having 2 Close Combat Weapons?

3). Can Terminators assault after firing Rapid Fire weapons or do the normal Rapid Fire rules apply to them as well?

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Default Re: Terminator Question

question three, will make this many pages long.

but in short, fire once, then you can assault, fire twice, your out of luck.

chain fists, and power fists are the same thing (except in matters of tank busting.) so initiative 1

extra close combat weapon? I am not sure, you would think, but maybe you dont because terminator armor usually gives +1 attack anyways right?
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Default Re: Terminator Question

1). If Terminator's are armed Power/Chain Fists, then they strike at Initiative 1.

2). Is a Storm Bolter a one handed weapon? It's not, so no extra cc attack.

3). If I recall correctly Terminators may still assault after firing heavy weapons and I think Rapid-Fire weapons as well, but I don't have my rulebook to check atm. However as for shooting once and twice if I remember correctly that was a 3rd Edition rule and no longer valid under 4th Edition.

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Default Re: Terminator Question

1. Yes, the powerfist entry says that the attacks are made at I 1 so they are. Wargear bonuses (or penalties) are not normally included in statlines.

2. No.

3. They can move and fire heavy weapons (and then charge) however neither the rulebook or codex actually allows them the same bonus for rapid fire weapons IIRC. Therefore, normal rules.
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Default Re: Terminator Question

IS there a rapid firing weapon in the terminators armoury??

Storm bolter - Assault
Cyclone missile - heavy
Assault cannon - heavy

Or have I missed one? If I haven't then terminators assaulting after rapid firing weapons is of no concern.
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Old 16 Feb 2008, 10:50   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Terminator Question

I may be completely wrong, but in the case of the terminator entry but the sarge has access to the armoury (?) giving him a combi bolter/ melta. - The bolter could be used rapid fire.
If not i guess a commander in terminator armour works the same.

Its been a while since i used terminators in an army list :-X
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Old 16 Feb 2008, 11:00   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Terminator Question

I don't have a marine codex with me (some git stole mine > ) so I can't really prove anything - but does th combi wepaon have a little * next to it so it can be taken in termi armour?

If you can, and you can't rapid fire with it. Just don't take it. Simple solution to a small problem.
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Default Re: Terminator Question

Actually, this problem is more complicated then that SILK. Chaos Terminators are armed with rapid fire weapons automatically in the list, so for Space Marines, it is pretty cut and dried, just don't take them, but for Chaos Terminators, the problem is harder to avoid...
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Old 16 Feb 2008, 14:50   #9 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Terminator Question

1. answered by a lot of ppl, its Initiative1

2. am actually going to disagree with everyone so far here, since for terminators every thing ive seen suggests it actually is, the Dark Angels codex book actually has pictures of terminators firing a storm bolter 1 handed in it on on 2 seperate occasions. Not only that but on the termie' models its held 1 handed, so i personally dont see why you shouldnt get the +1 CC attack for 2 1-handed weapons

3. not sure about what other codex say but the DA one specifically says you can assault after firing rapid fire weapons (doesnt say only 1 shot just that you can), mabye thats a clarifaication they've only put into the newer codex books, but its definately there.
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Default Re: Terminator Question

2. No, terminators do hold their storm bolters in one hand but that dosn't mean you get a bonus. In the rules an extra CC wepon gives you another attack, however assualt wepons (storm bloter) are not extra CC wepons therefore you do not get the extra attack.
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