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Bolter, Ccw, AND a Bolt Pistol?
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Default Bolter, Ccw, AND a Bolt Pistol?

I was looking at my Chaos Codex trying to write up list but then I ran into a bit of a rules problem. Okay, in the wargear for my Aspiring Champion, he has his Bolter, Bolt pistol and Ccw, but I replaced the Ccw with a Powersword in the list because his model is equipped with a Power Sword since im a bit of a rules nazi when it comes to wysiwyg. This is where it hits a snag.

What is he technically equipped with in regards to melee?

He has his bolter and Powersword on the model, but Bolt Pistol in wargear, does he get the bonus for the 2 Ccw?

I thought the Bolter was a 2 Handed weapon...

Confused. Alot. ???
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Default Re: Bolter, Ccw, AND a Bolt Pistol?

Realistically, no ones going to fault you for not having both the Bolter and Bolt Pistol present, and you can still claim +1 attack.

WYSIWYG is more for making sure that models given wargear accurately represent it than for modeling of basic troops.
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Default Re: Bolter, Ccw, AND a Bolt Pistol?

Basically it's pretty hard to represent this stuff with WYSIWYG. It works out that in the shooting phase he can shoot with either the bolter or BP. If he fired the bolter he can't charge of course. He can also choose between using the BP & Power Weapon in CC or using the bolter (though no clue why you would do this). Since a PW & a BP both count as CCWs he does get +1A for having 2 CCWs. The Bolter is a 2 handed weapon. Think of it as him having the gun on a sling or something.

On a side note this should've been in the Chaos section.

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Default Re: Bolter, Ccw, AND a Bolt Pistol?

Originally Posted by korik1
On a side note this should've been in the Chaos section.
It was, just that no one was replying considering how many views it was getting and I needed an urgent answer.
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Default Re: Bolter, Ccw, AND a Bolt Pistol?

Basically, 40K has now gone down the Warhamer road.

The 40K system was each guy carries two weapons max. No more.

The Warhammer system was each guy can carry as much as he bloody well likes, providing he doesn't use more weapons than he can realistically do so at one time.

This is why you get regiments armed with Hand Weapons, Great Weapons, Shields and Bows. Or, more commonly, just Hand Weapon, Spear / Halberd and Shield. You can't use all three, so you decide which one / two are used at the start of the fight.

The same now applies in 40K. If I have a Dark Angels Captain armed with a pair of Lightning Claws and a Storm Bolter (it can be done), I decide which two weapons I use in combat. Both Lightning Claws is an obvious choice, but technically I could decide to use just the Storm Bolter.

So, in summary, you can indeed choose to use the Bolt Pistol and Power Sword in combat, and the Bolter in shooting. In terms of WYSIWYG, I don't think anyone would mind what your rank-and-file Chaos Marines are armed with; a lot of people will have Chaos Marines with Bolters, or with Bolt Pistol and close combat weapon. As both are now one unit, it seems fair to mix them together. Just as long as it is clear what the Special / Heavy weapons are, and what the Aspiring Champion has, there'll be no issue.
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