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Counter-Attack Clearification
Old 29 Jan 2008, 02:19   #1 (permalink)
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Default Counter-Attack Clearification

When charging a unit with Counter-Attack, does the charger still get the +1 attack bonus for charging?

Ex. 6 Harlequins with 3 attacks each charge a unit of Blood Claws that have the counter attack ability. Will the Harlequins get 24 attacks on the charge, or just their standard 18?
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Default Re: Counter-Attack Clearification

As I understand the rules, yes the attacker still get's +1 attack on the charge. All the counter attack rule does under 4th edition is allow the defender to move in his models to get as many stuck in as possible. Works well if the dattacker is hitting an extended arm of a large group hoping to kill everyone in the kill zone and avoid the defenders attacks.
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Default Re: Counter-Attack Clearification

The enemy does not get the +1 A


niether do you.

You close the gap and go to fistacups.


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Default Re: Counter-Attack Clearification

pepsi, where did you find that in the rule?

The rule doesn't say that the oponent loses the +1A so they still get it however you do not, the only benefit you get is that all your guys move 6" to try and engage.
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Default Re: Counter-Attack Clearification

Sounds like the question has been answered. Thank you all

Game On!
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Default Re: Counter-Attack Clearification

There are of course ways round not getting the extra attack for counter-charging...10pts in the space wolf codex...My wolfguard always count as charging now....or near enough!
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