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new army, need opinion
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Default new army, need opinion

Hello all. I... have decided to work on a new force... but not sure of what to do. I want an elite army (unlike my orks and ig xD)...but can't decide between...

1. Space marines (ultrmarines or imperial fists)

2. Chaos (Thousand Sons, emperor's children, death guard)

3. Eldar (no idea here...)

See...I like the space marines, as they are pretty standard, and i enjoy them (i used to collect templars)

Chaos sounds good because of my dream of always having a force.

Eldar sounds good, because they are awesome.

The only thing i don't want is a mechanized force, so that almost rules out eldar, and possibly thousand sons/death guard.

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Default Re: new army, need opinion

Why don't you do a small force for each?

Then, you'd have all your favorites, but in a manageable way ;D Then if you wanted to you can expand one or more.

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Default Re: new army, need opinion

Well you're right in saying if you don't want a mech force then Death Guard and Thousand Sons are probably out, although you could still take infiltrated chosen to harass your enemy, draw some fire, and buy your main force some time to slog it up the board. Also you could give them an icon to summon Daemons or deep-strike some termies, this would give your enemy even more reason to ignore your slowly advancing marines. However you could play a Slaanesh army made up almost entirely of marines. Noise Marines can pack one hell of a punch if you have enough of those Blastmasters on the field and can work well in support of some winged Daemon Princes! Again, here the infiltrated chosen is a good idea as if you do take two DPs I can guarantee they'll draw pretty much all of your enemies main fire.
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