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Model requirements
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Model requirements

I have a friend who has the idea that he's gonna scratchbuild an entire space marine army. Well, afterall he is in Ceramics 2 and loves to use clay...

Anyway, I'm just wondering what the technical requirements are about playing with an army. Do the models have to actually be GW products? Since GW sells modeling material, and conversions are commonplace, does it matter?

If I were to cast my own devilfish out of plastic, would that be considered illegal for tournament play? What about casual? My understanding is that aslong as your models are pretty much WYSIWYG, you don't have to worry. (WYSIWYG What you see is what you get).
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Default Re: Model requirements

As long as you had actually sculpted what ever model you then cast it is alright. Scratch builts are allowed though i'm not sure what the rules are on using a model you made yourself and then casting a couple dozen copies are. You cannot by any means make casts/copies of an existing GW model though.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Model requirements

Well it depends if your friend wants to play in tournaments. Games-Workshop tournaments require that your models be Games Workshop based, so regarding conversion, for instance, they must be at least 50% Games Workshop per model. Other tournaments as organized by the WPS don't care whether the models ar GW or not so long as they clearly are what you say they are. Personnally I would stay away from sculpting hordes of marines mainly because of copyright. Good luck to your friend anyway and please posyt some pictures if you can.

Inquisitor Verwoerd
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Default Re: Model requirements

your mate sculpting milloins of marines is perfectly fine, as long as he doesnt make money out of them he's not breaching IP.

but you casing adevilfish is illegal, I'm not sure which laws it breaks but I do know its illegal ^-^
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