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Consolidation question
Old 18 Jan 2008, 06:17   #1 (permalink)
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Default Consolidation question

This scenario came up tonight in game. End of turn 4 Farsight sweeping advanced Necron Warrior unit A and used his 3" consolidation move to engage Necron Warrior unit B. During top of turn 5; the next assault phase does a pile-in occur before the next assault phase or do the two units stay the way they were when Farsight consolidated into them?

0=Necron Warrior, (F) = Farsight

00000(F) or 00(F)00
0000 00

The way we played it was option two; I let them surround him. I just read the pile-in move again and the first paragraph says roughly "end of assault phase units locked pile in". Does that mean that at the end of the assault phase in turn 4 the Warriors pile in and surround him? I'm guessing that is the right way, but its never come up before.

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Default Re: Consolidation question

I agree with your interpretation, pile-in moves should be performed after any consoildation moves. As far as I know.
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Default Re: Consolidation question

I could very well be wrong, but Pile In moves are done at the end of assault pertaining to locked models who aren't already engaged. In this case, where the Farsight consolidated into a new unit, starting a new assault, Pile In would not apply because it's a new assault. Pile In applies when an assault spans more then one turn. Such as, you charge in, assault is fought, neither side flees, then you Pile In with the locked but not engaged models.

Hopefully I'm making sense here. Basically, the consolidation into a new unit is treated as a new assault, minus the charge bonus, and you don't perform Pile In moves on new assaults.
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Default Re: Consolidation question

You can't pile in. I can't recall the precise justification since I don't the book here, but that is the way we have always played it in 4th Edition. It is the same deal as with charging. You don't normally get to move your own models when you are charged.
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Default Re: Consolidation question

Also Counter Charge does not work with a Pile in "Assault" either. They have to wait until the end of the next turn before they can pile in.
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Default Re: Consolidation question

Khanaris and JBunny are correct. Pile In is part of the combat resolution steps.
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