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Looking for something a little different.
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Default Looking for something a little different.

Well, my Death Korps army flopped, because my parents told me that I can't buy anything from overseas anymore (or at least until I get my own credit card), and I'm a little bored of Guard anyway. So...that's got me thinking...what next? I had a couple ideas that I'd like to share with you guys to see what you think.

First, there's the Dark Mechanicus. They sound pretty darn cool, and I would love to have fallen techpriests. The problem is, what army list could I use to represent them? I thought possibly Necrons, but I'm not to sure about that.

Next idea is "AdMech" Marines. Take Scions of Mars, and Purity Above All. The apothecaries from Purity would represent "Field TechMarines", doing repairs to Marines who look heavily bionicled. I also thought that doing this would be good for the Dark Mechanicus, but again, I'm not sure.

The last idea is a "Pirate" Army. Base it off of the Witchhunters/Demonhunters army lists, but don't take Grey Knights or Sisters. Use Inquisitors as Pirates/captains/etc., stormtroopers as elite ship-to-ship combat troops, and inducted Guardsmen as the captain's personal army. Might be kind of fun.

Tell me what you think.
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Default Re: Looking for something a little different.

I say go with the pirate army. You can do just about anything with the inquisition codexes through "count-as" and it could make for a fun characterful army with alot of sweet conversions. The AdMech ideas can too, but you're still a bit limited in the style since everyone already knows what admech look lik and how they fight. You can make your pirates however you want.
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Default Re: Looking for something a little different.

What's their concern with buying from overseas? Is it the cost or do they perceive a risk of fraud?

You may not be of legal age to actually enter into a credit contract and get your own credit card, but there is another option. There are prepaid visa cards that have fixed limits. Check out Vanilla Visa. It works like a gift card but has the capabilities of a credit card. If you have the cash, you could ask your folks to exchange your cash for a card like that and buy FW stuff that way. Their credit card numbers are not at risk then.

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