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When everyone else is dead
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Default When everyone else is dead

Quick question. This comes up in my games more than I'd like to admit, and each time we read the rulebook we're still confused.

Say that Unit A attacks unit B in close combat. Only a few models from Unit A were able to make contact with Unit B (we'll say 2 for 2). Unit A rips through Unit B's two models they can reach with chainswords. Then, when it's Unit B's turn to attack back, there's a 4" gap between the units.

Does Unit B take a Ld. check and run, or do they Pile In for the next round?

Similar, what if Unit A and Unit B clash, and at the end of the combat, there are no models touching, there's something like a 2" gap between the units. Is the combat over? Or are they still locked?

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Default Re: When everyone else is dead

If anyone is left test to see if they break, if they don't then they get to make a pile-in move.

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Default Re: When everyone else is dead

if there are no more models that can attack then the combat is over. Resolvee as normal.
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Default Re: When everyone else is dead

The fight is not over until one sides runs away, or is killed. Doesn't matter how far apart they are, as long as leadership is passed both sides are locked.
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Default Re: When everyone else is dead

It can be advantageous however - say your Tau get charged, and you lose everyone in Base to Base with the enemy. If you fail your LD test, instead of the retarded I sweep, you break as normal and run - potentially saving the unit.
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Default Re: When everyone else is dead

The rules do contain provision for cases where Pile-in moves are not enough for a unit to get back into close combat. This can really only happen if you have more than two units involved in the same combat. In this case, sometime friendly models will be in the way, or one of the units may have been strung out a long way. I think there is also some argument for it happening with drones that are destroyed late in the phase by the death of the model with the controller, although that one would probably involve some rules lawyering.

In any event, if it is a drawn combat or if the loser passes their test, both sides make a pile-in move. If this is not enough to bring a unit back into close combat, it is free to act as it wishes in its next turn.
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