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Daemon hunters armory costs
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Default Daemon hunters armory costs

dont worry I knowz the rules

but gosh darns it, I cant find the armory cost page for the daemon hunters. They list vehicle upgrades, they list henchmen, but I dont know if im stuck with what the inquisitor has.

a page number anyone, a reference!
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Default Re: Daemon hunters armory costs

I don't have my 'dex with me, but you are allowed to give your -I- whatever you wish from the standard DH armory (standard wargear limits apply.), as long as it isn't listed as "Grey Knight Heroes Only." If you can't find it, then you're missing a page. It's somewhere in between the henchmen and vehicle upgrades pages if I remember correctly.
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Default Re: Daemon hunters armory costs

The Inquisitor Lord may have up to 100 points of wargear from the Daemon Hunters armory on page 16.
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