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artefact world
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Default artefact world

Have you noticed that the region dominated by the Borkan sept expanded in the last edition of the codex (and itīs also classified wrongly)?... well, whatever!!!

I was wandering whatīs an "artefact world" (since we got 3 in the neighborhood)?

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Default Re: artefact world

A world with ruins from an ancient civilisation. Note that this doesn`t mean automatically that "here be Necrons" - ancient civilisation can mean much more, up to - and including - ancient Eldar ruins, or even Old One constructions; as well as ancient human dwellings (think: possible STC hide-outs).

As for the actual look of said world, that differs. One possibility is an giant ruined city, covering the whole world (possibly even a "city of the dead", necropolis-style, which would make for some interesting questions...); just a couple of cities strewn across the planet, or only a single construction.
The environment as well would be diverse; with everything possible from desolate wastelands to paradise worlds; some have fallen to wilderness, others are maintained by unknown means.

Some "artefact worlds" are artefacts, themself - I`m talking about technology which is fused with the planet; up to artificial planets (the ring world "Halo" would be an extreme example for an artefact world).

In short, artefact worlds are what you make of them; and creating a artefact world gaming board offers untold possibilities, every one more exciting than the last one.

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