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Help with army choice
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Default Re: Help with army choice

Now is a good time to start the orks up. Basic ork models will stay I think. All ork models are now new edition, with no old-skool units. Lots and lots of new (great) models, and a new codex coming out in a few weeks.

Bear in mind... Orks are numbered by the dozens. A squad is preferably 30 orks + wargear, most likely hitting the 220 points or thereabaouts. They are fast to paint, if you know how to speed paint, but they are VERY numerous!!! Even including lots of vehicles.
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Default Re: Help with army choice

only bad thing with orks is they wound arines on 5+ lol
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Originally Posted by Wargamer
Agreed; the Dark Kin get Dark Matter cannons, whereas those limp-wristed Craftworlders presumably power their Bright Lance, and all their weapons, through homosexual lusting. How else do you explain the Vibrocannon looking (and functioning) like some giant space-dildo? >
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Default Re: Help with army choice

I will go with da Orkses, but it will be expensive...
should i start with the battle force and a warboss?
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Default Re: Help with army choice

Personally, I like the old ork models the most. At least the Tankbusta units anyway.
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Default Re: Help with army choice

Orks would be a good time to start if you were ever going to, just wait a few weeks or however long till the new dex and boxsets come out, would make life a lot easier.

Necrons seem fun, but my mate says they're a bit dull and un-expansive..... not much room for growth in army lists, 100111000100111 after a few lines of this it all looks the same I guess

I'd say no on the guard.... vehicles are expensive and they'll be due an update soon, meaning some of your money may end up wasted in a few months maybe.

Chaos is an army i'm about to start, they seem really fun to play as and they have real room to stretch out and try new things, as well as some sweet new models

Daemonhunters was something I was thinking of too but as you said painting metal sucks..... it never works for me. Also Grey Knights = Ridiculously expensive and besides, there's no fun in being a good guy

I'd say Orks or Chaos! Waaagh or Aaaagh!

~ Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes ~
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Default Re: Help with army choice

Originally Posted by necrotic97
I have changed my mind again :P But now i am for sure, i'm going with the orkses. I think they got a old codex, will they have a new soon? i was thinking of alot of trukks with boys with sluggas and choppas. Can the trukks transport other units when they have disembarked the trukk boyz?
if there are coming a refresh to the orks, will the standard ork boys be replaced?
if the basic ork boyz models will remain i will go with the orkses.

Thank you guys.
I'm glad you're going with the Orks. Excellent choice.

As for the new codex, it's coming out painfully soon. There'll be a number of changes, but boyz will still be in there, of course. They're also getting a new box that has both some 'eavy weapons and a nob in there, which'll make them a little less expensive than before. You used to have to pick up a box of boyz, a blister or two of 'eavy weapons, and then a nob to top off a mob. Now it's all in a box.

As for your question for re-embarking on empty Trukks, I see no problem with it, rules-wise. It's just not too smart of a thing to do. Once you've got your boyz disembarked, they'll usually be stuck in melee combat and the Trukk will have little use other than as either mobile cover or a throw-away anti-tank weapon. Trukk's are usually just used to get those Trukk Boyz into combat fast and then go off to cause some trouble with whatever weapon you've got mounted on them.

Best of luck with the Boyz,

-Grandpa Ducky


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