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What's in the 3rd Edition Box Set?
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Default What's in the 3rd Edition Box Set?

My local hobby store has the old 3rd Edition boxed set on sale to move it. I saw the box, but I didn't see what's in it and they are closed until after New Years. I was wondering if anyone can tell me exactly what's inside.

I poked around online and the list I found said 20 Space Marines, 1 Landspeeder, and 32 Dark Eldar. My question is - how full are these sprues? Are they 8 complete Dark Eldar Sprues, 2 complete Space Marine sprues (including heavy command sprue...old style of course) and a Landspeeder Sprue (with option Multi-Melta)? Also, is the terrain plastic or card?

Any help would be great. I'm thinking of buying for the marines and the bits, but I'd like to know if I should save my money for a more direct purchase.
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Default Re: What's in the 3rd Edition Box Set?

I can't remember what exactly is in the Space Marine sprues (since my friend took the marines, and I took the Dark Eldar) but the sprues are very, very basic. No special weapons or anything. There's enough for three DE with Pistol/Knife combination, and the rest with Rifles.
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Default Re: What's in the 3rd Edition Box Set?

Hey, I remember that boxed set!

I think it came with the rullers & blast markers, and if my memory does not decieves me then the terrain is the same that comes with the IG Battleforce and some trees that came with the old Tau battleforce so yeah, they are plastic.

From the marines, as All-father Odin said they where pretty basic, including the Landspeeder, expect nothing more than the things included in the regular variant (or the sprue).
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Default Re: What's in the 3rd Edition Box Set?

Qucik post, hope it helps.

Terrain is plastic, DE can get splinter cannons, rifles, or pistols. Marines get bolters, a few flamers, maybe a missile launcher. Landspeeder has multimelta or heavy bolter.

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Default Re: What's in the 3rd Edition Box Set?

I'm pretty sure its just 10 marines actually.

The landspeeder is the full kit (heavy bolter and multi melta)

The marines are the OLDER tactical sprue, so you've got all the regular marine sprues plus the old command sprue (flamer, missile launcher and chainsword).

The dark eldar would just be regular dark eldar warrior sprues whatever is one those.

The terrain consist of two plastic gothic ruins (one sprue) and several sprues of the old jungle trees.

How much is it on sale for? If its around the same price as the marines and speeder, or less then its worth it for that.
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Default Re: What's in the 3rd Edition Box Set?

Ah I remember that box set well, I just started collecting before it came out (around the last 2 months of second addition) and I remember waiting excitedly with my dad outside Games Workshop waiting for it to open so I could get my hands on it!

Reminiscing aside the contents are:

1 Tactical Space Marine Squad consisting of 10 marines. This is the basic squad which consist of the models available today but as Falstead pointed out, with the older command sprue. Therefore you only get the bolt pistol and chainsword, flamer and missle launcher as weapon options.

1 Landspeeder. This is the basic spacemarine landspeeder which can be equipped with either a heavy bolter or multimelta. Both weapon options are included.

16 Dark Eldar Warriors. I'm not one hundred percent sure on the weapon options but I certainly remember two splinter cannons and perhaps 2 or 3 pistol configurations, the remaining weapons are all rifle.

The terrain is as Falstead stead.

You also get a few dice, 2 red measuring sticks, plastic blast templates (all three, they'll either be the old brittle plastic versions or the newer 'bendy' plastic version depending on how old the box set is) and of course, the 3rd edition rulebook which whilst obsolete, does contain several handy terrain generators.

Hope that helps
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