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Codex woes? (Quality issues?)
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Default Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

I have purchased 2 of the 3 latest codices (Eldar, Chaos) and both seem to be falling apart on me. The Eldar codex bleeds black ink from the large pictures onto the opposing pages and the binding is coming undone. The Chaos codex (which I've had for about a month) is already looking very worn with the binding and several pages are threatening to escape.

Now I'm fairly decent with my books. I read them a lot - but I store them in a hard case to protect the corners and such. Is anyone else having quality issues with their codex?

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Default Re: Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

I dunno, a friend of mine has the Eldar codex and it is fine, been beat up a lot but still looks ace. All of my codexes, even the recently purchased ones, are fine.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

I have the New chaos sm dex and i have to say : the binding is horribly done, it is coming apart and i only had it for 1 month. The ink is also ''dripping'' from the big pictures but not alot. far from what you are describing.

Mind you that i am really nice with my books. My ork,Dark eldar and space wolves books are fine. My newer stuff like Ig, Nids 3ed marines is fine.
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Default Re: Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

Really? I have all the new codecies apart from the Dark Angels one, and they're all in as new condition as they were when I bought them. Even my Dark Eldar (original edition) codex is fine.

There is a scuff on the bottom of my 3rd Ed rulebook. But that's the only damage on any of my books.

And yes, I do read them =)

With regards the binding, do you bend them all the way around? If you do, that'll be what's killing your books. If not? I have no idea.
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Default Re: Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

I'm in the same boat as Farseer Emlyn. I took good care of my Tau Empire codex, but the bidding has crapped out, to the point that pages have come out. I'll have to get it rebound, I guess, or just buy a new one. It's not too cool.
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Default Re: Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

Interesting... I've never seen anybody have any of these problems.
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Default Re: Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

I have all three (Eldar, Dark Angels, and Chaos), and they're all holding up just wonderfully. Could be a bad batch of printing, or something environmental.
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Default Re: Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

My Tau codex is torn, but have been faithfully held together by tons of tape. But it is not exactly caused by the binding , it is because one kind decide to read my codex without my permission and his brother and him fought over my codex till it tore apart by them. After that the pages slowly falls apart, but nothing cannot be fixed by tape.

My new Chaos codex is doing just fine for now.
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Default Re: Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

I've been very bad to my WH40K books, and they still look mint. It's probably this Irish climate.
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Default Re: Codex woes? (Quality issues?)

My Tau Empire codex started falling out about a month after I bought it. However, my friend who bought the same codex from the same store book is perfectly fine (although we bought them at different times).
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