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How much of scratch built must be 'scrach built' for a tourniment?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default How much of scratch built must be 'scrach built' for a tourniment?

I have been thinking of starting Orks with their new codex coming out soon. I really like the way the orks play and really fell in love with em after playing too much Dawn of War but I have a question that needs to be asked.
One of the reasons that I like the Orks is the customization of every thing they have and their tendency to loot anything that isn't bolted down and if it is bolted down then they just rip it out.
I came across a really neat tank while at Target and it is the perfect size to convert into a battle wagon being about the same size of a Tau Hammerhead. It is also a die cast steel, pre-painted vehicle.

(picture is a link)
Now my question is this, after a liberal amount of 'Orking" (is that even a word?) with some Ork vehicle bits and liberal amounts of plasticard by adding a truck bed in the back, some more guns and a new paint job would it be a 'legal' vehicle to use in a tournament? I ask this because most GW tournaments have the requirement that most of a model be mostly GW parts but I see amazing Ork scratch built vehicles that are used because most organizers kinda turn a blind eye when it comes to Ork looted stuff.
If this wouldn't be legal then oh well, I just got my nephew a really cool tank for Christmas, just kinda opened up already <_<
I asked on my local game stores' forums (I love the Austin 40k community) but I want to see what the general agreement would be.
(Also, Mods I put this in the general 40K because it deals more with the rules of a tournament instead of the actual conversions, move this to the conversion or Ork board if you see the need to)
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Default Re: How much of scratch built must be 'scrach built' for a tourniment?

Everyone (should by now ) expect Ork players to have models that are not even half a GW model. But to be safe ask your tournament host if it's OK.

PS : I've always liked using German WW2 models as a bases for Orks tanks and truks
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Default Re: How much of scratch built must be 'scrach built' for a tourniment?

I used to use 28mm sports car kits with aircraft kids for bombs etc in gorkamorka and if I did an Ork army would continue in this vein. Don't know about trounaments though
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