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All Terrain Board?
Old 13 Dec 2007, 19:28   #1 (permalink)
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Default All Terrain Board?

I was wondering if anyone has ever played on a board that was covered entirely with area terrain. I mean the whole table just being classed as area terrain with all the normal rules in effect (roll 2D6 to move, only see 6" to shoot, etc.).

Would anyone venture to play such a thing or is it only a pipe dream?
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Default Re: All Terrain Board?

Well, I'd imagine it's been tried before, since the Catachan codex is practically built around it.

I think it would be a fun change of pace. I play Tyranids though, which would function very well on such a playing field; other races would probally become... frustrated very quickly. :P
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Default Re: All Terrain Board?

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Default Re: All Terrain Board?

This is an interesting idea, but it would put some armies at a disadvantage.
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Default Re: All Terrain Board?

I used to do this almost all the time back in 2nd Ed when you actually used line of sight and not the new abstract cover system. Unfortunatly with the new area terrain rules this kind of board doesn't really translate well anymore.
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Default Re: All Terrain Board?

I have played on a 4 x4 board that had everything but 6" worth of each sides deployment zone. He was playing Catchan and myself Orks. However being the sneaky blood axe that I was I had hired a Kroot Hound squad that consisted of: 17 Kroot and 13 hounds. Despite being in the Catchan's home environment I managed to win the game. Overall I loved the larged forest and my friend did so much that on his 6 x 8 board he has a 2" by 4" forest.
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Default Re: All Terrain Board?

I played a game with a 4 x4 board where everything was considered terrain with the exception of a few sections of area terrain that counted as clearings. My 750pt Tau vs 750pt Guard. No Kroot. Probably the most fun I have ever had in a game. Tau winning close combats, hit and run tactics, my commander taking on 400pts of guardsmen in close combat and destroying them. Good times.
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Default Re: All Terrain Board?

If you've seen the junglefight rules, you would probably be happy with them. The entire board is forest with clearings and paths dotting / crossing it. Playing these games can be alot of fun... until an Ewok get's sucked into your Vyper's air intake.....

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Default Re: All Terrain Board?

If I was in on something like that, I'd make them use LOS for shooting. Half of those rules don't make sense in the first place, so don't obey them if you don't have to... so long as your opponent agrees.
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