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line of sight
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Default line of sight

Once I was having a battle and this guy said he could see me because he could see some of my base and model, not even 3/4 of it. I would like to know how much do you have to see of the model in order to shoot it.
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Default Re: line of sight

At least half of the model, but this shouldn't apply if he is trying to shoot a whole unit at a unit of yours, purely by the feet of one of your soldiers.
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Default Re: line of sight

My understanding is that if you can draw a line from any edge of the shooter's base to any portion of the target's base, you can shoot at the target. However, if at least half of the model is obstructed, it gets an appropriate cover-save. Even if just one model is barely visible, you can fire at a unit, but only visible units can take wounds as a result of the shooting.
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Default Re: line of sight

I concur with Karnij. I use a laser pointer, try and shoot from base to base.
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Default Re: line of sight

When my group play we try to use good judgement. If it looks questionable we will either ask someone that is not in the game to decide, or we will just roll off for it. Normally if only one model can be seen and it is barely seen, we don't shoot.

I don't know what the rules say about this, cause I am at work and don't have my rule book with me. I will check at lunch.
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Default Re: line of sight

Often if I can only see a minuscule portion of a model I'll allow my opponent a healthy cover save even if he wouldn't otherwise get one. It makes the "molecule rule"* situations go over a lot more smoothly. Although in many of these situations he'd be entitled to one anyway.

*This refers to a TSOALR comic where they were able to literally see a molecule of an opposing model, and so, promptly shot it off (rolling "Crew Inconvenienced" on their damage roll). I sometimes use that term to describe situations where a model barely has LoS
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Default Re: line of sight

I go the level of terrain and the level of the model, now models is pretty striaght forward; basic troopers are lev 1 monstous creatures like wriathlords are level 2 and vehicles are level three. With terrain it should be discussed before the game starts, I.e. Those are ruins are lev 2 area with a 5 up coversave.
If the model in question is, lets say level 1 and the terrian also is level one then the model can see over and gains a coversave if shot at. If the model is level 1 and the terrain is lev 2 then no LOS could be drawn. I do this becuase models like snipers, and footslogers can be kneeling or lying on their belly (remember models are a physical representation of your army, but just becuase you put your general in a large base with say a rock below his feet doesn't mean he that height.
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Default Re: line of sight

Thats all fine and dandy Arcadia, but Infantry are size 2, with ALL Monsterous creatures and Vehicles being size 3.

There are size one targets, but infantry are not they.
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Default Re: line of sight

The way I play, if you can see the model then you can shoot it. This does not, of course, give one the option of using the molecule rule, so we use our best judgement.
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