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Market for used Imperial Guards?
Old 08 Dec 2007, 20:59   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Market for used Imperial Guards?

Howdy. I hope i didnt post in the wrong place.

I have been a serious player of a huge army of Imperial Guards for a while a few years ago but have been away from the gaming community for 15 months or so. Partially becose i no longuer have time to play, becose my army got just too big for transportation (no car) and becose it wasnt interesting anymore (i almost always won against everything in the same way, it got a bit repetitive) (42/1/2).

I have considering putting my army for sale but i havent finished painting it yet. (sooo many infantry!) and wonder if i should finish painting it and keep it, finish painting it and selling it or try right away. I know that ``Apocalypse`` went gold recently, and that it allow people to field big ass armies. Considering that i own about 150-ish Cadians, 150-ish Catachans, 15-ish of each special weapons (including plasma), tons of elite metal hardened veteran, ogryns, rough riders, 10 commisars, 13 Lasercannons, 15 Heavy Bolters, a couple autocannons, Sisters of battle detachement, Inquisitor detachement, 20-ish metal storm troopers, a chimera, rhino, 2x leeman russ, leeman russ executioner, demolisher, vanquisher, 2x basilisk, a resin baneblade and tons of stuff i forgot. Basically its going to take me years to finish pro painting all that.

My question is: Did the recent apparition of ''apocalypse'' created a demand for huge armies big enouf that i should forget about painting the rest and go right now or do you think no one is interested and i might as well suck it up and finish it or even keep it? Is there a lot of new players apparing recently?
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Default Re: Market for used Imperial Guards?

I'd personally say finish it and keep it.

Youv'e bought that big army, just think how brilliant it will be to finish it. Also - if you do paint it and sell it then all of that effort will have been wasted.

Secondly - why the hell didn't you slow down at 2000 points?! The amount of gear you have for that single army is just rediculous. I would have (and doubtless many others) would have picked up another army.
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Old 09 Dec 2007, 00:44   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Market for used Imperial Guards?

Seems like he fell into the "include every troop type in the army list into my army" situation (I know, I nearly fell into the trap myself). If you've put all that effort into it, I'd say keep it and with soo many units, make a number of various lists out of it (mech, infantry-based, tank based etc) and keep playing it. You may find it a challenge to go up against certain opponents with a certain list and bring some challenge back to your hobby.
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Default Re: Market for used Imperial Guards?

I would also say to keep it but if you do sell it i say to sell it in pieces because that usually sell for more especially if they are painted well. but if i had that big of army I would also do what scorpion said and use different lists that are smaller.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Market for used Imperial Guards?

I agree with Scorpion Master, as well as the others, in that you have devoted countless hours of assembly, painting, and detailing YOUR army.
I also agree that you should (if you can make time) try to write some lists to challenge yourself.
However selling off unpainted mini's as a matter of economising space maybe a good idea.

In regards to Apocalypse I game out of a small shop and have yet to see a single game of Apoc. Not that we are incapable we're just not interested. So in reality i guess it is highly dependant on where you game.
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