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Quick Rules Question
Old 08 Dec 2007, 13:16   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Quick Rules Question

A buddy at a gaming shop brought up a strange rule that I need clarification on. He says that after allocating who a unit is firing at, all rolls to hit and subsequent damage must be rolled in order of highest str/lowest AP to lowest str/highest AP. As in; I fire my Hammerhead, I must resolve the rail gun before the SMS. Is their even a glimmer of truth to this or is he taking liberties with people who have not played quite as long? I can't seem to find anything in the rules that supports it. Is it a throw back from an old edition?
Now I don't see where it matters, the defender gets to assign wounds anyway, so why does it matter which I have to fire and roll to wound? anyway a little help is greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: Quick Rules Question

There is no rule anywhere that forces you in what order you fire your guns.

Like you said, it doesn't really make much difference at all, but he's still wrong.
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Default Re: Quick Rules Question

I agree with Droids_Rules. There is no rule what so ever. If he insist on playing this way make him show you where hat rule is.
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Default Re: Quick Rules Question

There is no such rule. In fact all shots are resolved at the exact same time when it comes to shooting. This prevents sniping. So that say a Command Squad with 3 Plasma Pistols, a Plasma Gun and a Lascannon couldn't shoot at a Terminator Command Squad and use the plasma to kill all of the command squad, and then fire the lascannon to insta kill the HQ. All shots are resolved at the same time in the rules, though some players do it per weapon type for simplicity.

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Default Re: Quick Rules Question

The easy way to resolve this is to use diffrent colored dice, this what my gaming group does, the attacker declares whic dice represent the guns then rolls them at the same time.

Another way is to roll seprately declaring which dice volley is which gun (before you ), do the same with wounds, then he (the defender) resolves the armor saves and wound assingment in accordance with the rules.
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Default Re: Quick Rules Question

Seems to be covered well already, but just wanted to add that my friends and I also make use of colored dice to distinguish weapon types and roll them at once. As others have said, shooting is resolved all at once, so not only does it save time rolling all that stuff together, it just makes sense.
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