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Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

So, we all probably have a few interesting war stories to tell, so lets hear them! Post your oddest, funniest, or most epic 40k moment/game.

I'll start:

It was my Marines vs. my friend's brother's eldar (1500 points). We were fighting on a relatively small table, and I was pushed all the way back as far as I could go (I was playing a more shooty army than usual). After about 2 turns, the avatar was right on top of my front lines. I figured I could easily take him out with my firepower. I had already got him down to one wound, and he should be easy to kill, right?

So I took the shot, three lascannons from the predator.

I missed all of them.

I raised the dice to fire my two storm bolter shots, and rolled to hit.

4 and 5.

Rolled to wound, saying a prayer to the dice gods for good luck ( ;D).

2 and 6.

My friend roles his save.

He rolled a one.

Never underestimate the power of storm bolters!
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Default Re: Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

Attacked by dark angle bikers, I take the casualties away from my human auxiliary squad due to power weapons (as to be expected) the next 5 wounding close combat hits

I roll 5 5`s and 6`s annoying my opponent all to hell.
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Default Re: Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

My demon prince under 3.5 rules has ravaged my enemies' necron army. He really underestimated demonic speed, and my princes 'jumping spider' strategy worked great. Jumped out from cover and got to assault his destroyers, killing them all almost instantly then moved onto some of his crons. At the very end of the game the prince and his Destroyer Lord were in assault.

Note that my bionic spider prince is a combination of necron destroyer/tomb spyder/IW parts and wields a warscythe as his dreadaxe-both ignore inv saves. So they looked kind of funny facing off because of how similar they look, and the fact that both had inv sv ignoring weapons. Well my prince is built for killing HQs so makes quick work of his Lord. Since its the last turn we decide the games over, but to just see how that 1 combat would turn out if the Lord was allowed his WBB.

Bionic prince picture

So he passes, and he has phylactery so has multiple wounds. My prince with higher initiative and with his dreadaxe kills the lord again before it can attack back, then passes his mastery test. The lord get backs up... ok broken record time, the prince keeps killing the lord over and over and over. At some point the lord actually gets up with 3 wounds, survives a round of combat, and puts one wound on my prince leaving him with 1 wound remaining. Now back to the broken record of my prince killing the lord then it getting back up, and passing his mastery test. It just keeps going and we end up building a crowd of people watching the two go at it... the necron lord never seeming to stay down. Finally after killing him 10 times the lord finally stayed down, then my prince failed his mastery test. However luckily it didn't manage to wound him ;D.

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Default Re: Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

many may know me as an obsessive =]I[= recruiter - this was not always so (! !)

there was a time when i had lost sooooo many games it was getting boring (when i first started) until "IT" happened:

i had a game against craftworld eldar - we basically whittled each other down to about a draw - he still had his avatar, i still had my =][= lord (with psycannon and nothing else)

he charged my lord with his avatar (me pooping large solid clay-like objects) and fluffs his attacks! my lord rolls his dice - 3 attacks, ALL HIT!!!.

my lord rolls to wound - 3 SIXES!!! (the only time i've EVER rolled it in-game).

and i'm sure you can guess......... avatar fails all 3 saves

i now refuse to field a daemonhunters army without a lord with psycannon

or my two longest games:

game 1: tyranids vs space marines.

i took my tyranids with no guns whatsoever (hey, its fun :P) and my opponent took 6 devi squads of heavy bolters plus a command squad with lascannons (uggghhh : ) needless to say, anything with a 4+ save or less died in the first 2 turns. when my hive tyrant and 3 guard made it into combat though - mwahahahaha!
he proceded to wipe the marines out on his own

of course that game ended in about turn 17 but meh - i won :P

game 2 - grey knights vs tyranids

i dusted off my GK terminators and fielded all of them (BC stern, grand master - both with retinues) i was against a genestealer army (broodlord, genestealers and 1 brood of 32 hormagaunts - a couple of warriors for synapse)

i lost everyone but the game was a complete draw (what!! i hear you say :P). basically, 4 castings of holocaust a turn puts some serious hurt on a tyranid horde but t he last time you use it - when there is only a handfull left, you lose the entire squad to perils of the warp :
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Default Re: Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

This happened today, the guy I was versing rolled 89 dice for two squads of mutants attacking my Grey Knight termies. 3 died.
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Default Re: Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

The epic tale of my Fire Warriors, after bailing from a burning devilfish, getting charged by a Slaaneshi Stature Prince. Being in cover, striking first, the Shas'ui shoves his pulse rifle to groin height, pulls the trigger, and killed it.

Don't let ANYONE tell you Tau suck in CC. Killing a Slaanesh Stature Prince is pretty damn lucky.
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Default Re: Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

hmmmm My first hilarious moment happened when I was feilding my SM Commander in Terminator armour with a retinue of 5 Terminators. I was playing a game against my buddy's khorne list, and needless to say, the retinue died in one shooting phase....to bolt pistols from an 8 man bezerker squad... ???

The second was my old Tau army (now shipped off to various places in the world ) in a three way death match between the same khorne army as well as necrons led by the nightbringer. well because of deployment, I was relativley unscathed, while the necron army was decemated, having been deployed on one table edge...but between myself and the khorne army. So the khorne army took a few casualties while I only lost my kroot due to the nightbringer in assault. He did his sweeping advance move...which took him well within rapid fire range of two squads of firewarriors. I was pretty skeptical about taking him down, but one round of rapid fire actually managed to kill him...I thought I was going to lose my entire army to that guy!
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Default Re: Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

Yeah, my first propper game of apoc, My banblade got destroyed...Taking down i think it was 80? of my teamates guardsman...He lert a lesson thatday...Explosions are bad... :P

^about bloody time =P
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Default Re: Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

Originally Posted by Death_By_chance
Yeah, my first propper game of apoc, My banblade got destroyed...Taking down i think it was 80? of my teamates guardsman...He lert a lesson thatday...Explosions are bad... :P
Haha, that reminded me of a story.

Second or third time I was using my Eldar I was facing a GK army. It wasn't exactly going well for the Eldar, I was still learning to use the scalpel that is my army. He deepstrikes his Termies near one of my scatter war walkers, and shoots it with 3 storm bolters, 1 psycannon, and 1 storm bolter with psybolts. The walker is shaken. Next turn he assaults the war walker since everything else is soon going to be dead from the rest of the army. After three rounds of combat the war walker finally dies, but the walker doesn't just die, it explodes, wiping out half of the termie squad!

Another Eldar Vs GK story. This time I was trying out a wraith wall army. What I learned was that as tough as Fortune and Concealed Wraithguard are to shooting, they don't stand up well to S5 power weapon attacks. So after a few rounds of combat my wraithlord, who's designed for anti tank shooting decides to charge in. The Lord manages to wipe out the sqaud except for the Grand Master over two turns, while the GK wipe out all the wraithguard. Meanwhile the rest of our armies have gone to pieces, literally the last things on the board are his Grand Master and my Wraithlord (and farseer but he was just watching from nearby). So we roll through several turns of combat. He needs to get 3 wounds, and I need only 1 to instakill him. we both ignore armour saves, but he has an invulnerable. The fight drags out way past turn 6, with both of us desperate to see the enemy fall. Finally at about what would be Turn 16 it ends. My wraithlord finally manages to punch the Grand Master and smear him over the nearby area. My opponent cried out in frustration while I cheered and shared a cookie with my lord (not really).

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Default Re: Your favorite weird/epic/funny 40k moments...

Abaddon dying to a fletchette discharger lol
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