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Problematic Models
Closed Thread
Old 26 Nov 2007, 22:57   #1 (permalink)
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Default Problematic Models

Have you ever had a build that was so frustrating? Or the model that always seems to break during transport to games? Give us your problematic models and any solution that you though of to fix your problem.

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Default Re: Problematic Models

Whilst I do not own any, Crisis suits seem to be the worst for ankle damage. Sentinels breaking at the hip joint, Blood Thirster falling apart (lots of greenstuff and strong super glue with a couple pins fixed that).

umm... one of my Skull Champions... When ever i drop a model It's him!
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Default Re: Problematic Models

Crisis suits are awful for ankle breaks,l its gotten to the point that I model all of mine flying to avoid the ankle damge.
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Default Re: Problematic Models

I have 2, one is my Black Templar Marshal, his sword will be garunteed to fall off!

And the second is my converted Bassie, I took one of the older servo arms, and made it into an auto-loard for counts-as enclosed crew compartment, and you know what happens!? It is constantly falling off! I dont even have to touch it, it just falls!
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Default Re: Problematic Models

Originally Posted by Aun LeKeth
Crisis suits are awful for ankle breaks,l its gotten to the point that I model all of mine flying to avoid the ankle damge.
Odd. My flying bases seem to break all too easily; I bought them from a friend, and he'd already assembled them in ludicrously static-looking poses on the flying bases. But, it was a way for me to get some models until such time as I had cash to get better ones.

Anyways, the flying base breaks at the top, so that the bit that attaches to the 'Suit is now flush with it. Tried gluing it back, but it doesn't take well to tension, i guess, and it broke easily later.

Contrast this with my Commander; I posed him standing on the base, and he's never broken at all. I've got a Gundam cannon on his back (ABFP), making him rather top-heavy, but I've dropped him on concrete and he's been fine.

I'm just going to have to buy a Dynamic Entry Force or something... :P
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Default Re: Problematic Models

Crisis suit ankle/flying stands used to be a big problem for me, but I've since gone magnetized with my Tau, and now whenever there's a situation where the suit would normally end up broken, all I have to do is pick up the stand, hover it near the suit, and ta-da! Fixed. Also great for making better use of storage space, but that's for another article.
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Default Re: Problematic Models

Yeah, all my crisis suits are on flying stands. And the single one that I've modelled onto a base now - I haven't glued the ankles so I can remove it from the base if needed.

Most of the time I've just had antennas and things break off models - so I just take both my Plastic Glue and Super Glue along with my army whenever I go anywhere.
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Old 26 Nov 2007, 23:57   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Problematic Models

It has to be both my High Marshal Helbrecht and my converted Daemonhunter Inquisitor. The Inquisitor's psycannon and sword come off so rapidly, and Helbrecht's sword arm just won't stay on despite the pinning!

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Default Re: Problematic Models

Dropped my Crisis, flying pole broke off. Still haven't been able to fix. Advice?


Lost a backpack on a firewarrior. Looks bad.
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Old 27 Nov 2007, 00:16   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Problematic Models

I used to have problems with crisis suit ankles, until I discovered the art of pinning. Now, my suits all have had their ankles replaced by the thickest paperclips I could find, and I even pinned the ball joints directly to the feet (and then the feet to the base). Now, if only I could prevent everything else from falling off... I suppose that means more pins!

The other thing I have problems with, are large flying bases, particularly the ones for my Tau tanks. They are always unsteady and breaking, so I've started reinforcing the spot where the stand holds up the tank...
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