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Threatning names
Old 24 Nov 2007, 14:01   #1 (permalink)
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Default Threatning names

What do you thinks is the most threatning unit name in WH40K? Just the basic one, like Carnifex or Lictor. Just what YOU think is the most threatning one. (wish there was a "you" code here) You are allowed because of apperance too.

Personally... Hmmmm...
Maybe carnifex anyone?? Or lictor. As stated above....
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Default Re: Threatning names

Inquisitor if your a human, or a deamon.
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Default Re: Threatning names

Try baneblade.

are space elfs. Of course their boots never get dirty, their stuff won't get dirty, their weapons won't get dirty, their hair won't get dirty, the aspect warriors won't get dirty, and their women won't get dirty - which is also why they are a dying race. ^-^
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Default Re: Threatning names

From the fluffy point of view, there is one name that spells "doom" like no other: Necron
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Default Re: Threatning names

Seems to me that a lot 40k names are threatening.

Dire Avenger
Dark Reaper
Plague Reaper
Genestealer (think about that one. In Space Hulk the emphasis seemed to be on stealing genetic material [insert lolcats thing here], though now the Nids seem more about biomass)
Flayed Ones

I don't think Carnifex or Lictor rate. The original Lictors were Roman guards who protected the consuls, proconsuls and other assorted muckety mucks in Rome. Carnifex is an executioner, but the name is rather obscure and so loses its power to be threatening.
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Default Re: Threatning names

These are my "sound threatening" names
None-Tau Plasma weapons (as long as they're shooting at you your safe, but hold the weapon...hah!)

Planet Killer

Rail anything


Death Leaper


to name a few.

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Default Re: Threatning names

Monolith ;D they very cheesy. And o.k on the threat level.
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Default Re: Threatning names

My personal favourite is either the Italian or German name for genestealer (can't remember which, it's there on the box though); genoraptor. Quite appropriate I think
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Default Re: Threatning names

What about the Spanish Wraithlord? I'm not making this up, the box actually says something like "Senor Spectral".
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Default Re: Threatning names

Yes Fish Ead! I laughed so much when I read that. I like the German Swooping Hawks, but that's just plain cool rather than threatening: Kriegsfalken. Possibly spelled that wrong, I don't have a box to hand.

I love translating foreign language translations of English things back to English and seeing what they mean =P
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Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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