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Multiple Units in Combat
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Default Multiple Units in Combat

Hey guys, I've been meaning to bring this up for a while as it has always confused me. When you have multiple units in close combat (i.e. a squad of guardians and a squad of avengers against one squad of 20 necron warriors) how do you allocate the warriors hits? Do they get to attack the guardians and the avengers each once? Or do they have to split their attacks?

Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: Multiple Units in Combat

Aside from the 'mandatory' base to base model. I think anyone within 2 inches of the assaulting army is fair game.
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Default Re: Multiple Units in Combat

You can declare how many attacks go to which squad.

Tis really that simple!
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Default Re: Multiple Units in Combat

the warriors get to attack their full amount of attacks (if there is no modifies) which would be 20. so you can allocate the 20 against the the gaurdians and avangers. so, if you split them it would be 10 aiagns the gaurdians and 10 against the avangers. but nly warriors within 2" get to attack the unit, so if one is in the middle you coose. but if one is in base-to-base with the gaurdians but 3" within the avangers you can only attack the gaurdians.
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Default Re: Multiple Units in Combat

A model must attack the unit it is in base to base with. If it is in base to base with two units then it must choose which unit it will attack. If a model is not base to base, then it can attack any unit so long as he is within 2" of another model in base to base. He must attack the unit that the other model is in base to base with.

A model will only ever attack once regardless of the number of units it is in base to base with.
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