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assault distances
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Kroot Shaper
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Default assault distances

am i wrong, or can units move up to 12" combined in the move and asault phases? this seems a bit fast!
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Default Re: assault distances

Do you mean can they move a total of 12" in a turn by using both their 6" movement and a 6" assault move?

If so then yes, but only if the unit can actually reach assault using its assault move (it can't move at all if atleast one model can't reach base to base contact).

Similairly, a squad with jump packs can potentially move 18" if they can reach combat (including the assault move). Cavalry have a potential move of 24", and in the last chaos codex a deamon prince of khorne with demonic speed had the potential to move 30" if he got lucky with his dice rolls.
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Default Re: assault distances

Yep Dark eldar lords and occasionally wyches can move up to 30" in a single turn too if they get lucky with FoF and get into assault.
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Default Re: assault distances

Kai pretty much summed it up quite nice.

The only exception, to my knowledge, are the Tau jump infantry (Crisis suit, stealth suit and drones) who can move 6" in their assault phase even if there is no enemy in range...they can even go backward if you want thus the famous JSJ maneuver. But this is because of their Jet pack.
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Default Re: assault distances

Eldar Jetbikes also get an assault-move.
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