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'Cheesy' and 'broken' or simply annoying and 'not fun'?
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Default 'Cheesy' and 'broken' or simply annoying and 'not fun'?

When the new Chaos Codex came out, I read with alarm the panicked bleatings on the the net about the brokeness and overpowerdness of 'Lash of Submission'. I quaked. I bellyached and I got mad. I bleated a lot myself too, but that was an unrelated event which we won't discuss.

Then I had it used against me in a game. Simply out of the blue. I'd completely forgotten about the ability. It really wasn't fun watching my marines being lined up in a nice flamer template formation and then blasted by a Chaos noise marine with whatever that ridiculous power is that kills entire swathes of the emperors finest as if they were naked Imperial Guardsmen with pneumonia.

I did however end up winning the game in the end. Oddly though, it didn't feel like a win. I felt, I dunno... cheated... empty... It just wasn't 'fun'.

It made me start thinking about the nature of what we call 'cheesy' and 'broken'.

I recently stopped playing another miniatures game because it felt like each new unit was trying to top the cheese factor of the last. Each successive release brought a newer, cheaper combo to the table for the frothing X-Box live escapees to yabber about online.

I've realized something though. The combos and abilities that we make the most noise about are rarely unbeatable. In fact they often have a very simple solution, however that solution is normally completely contrary to the way most people play the game. Which is what makes them so powerful.

I'm not going to go into this, but I'm sure any intelligent person can find tons of good advice for dealing with those annoying 'classic cheese flavor' lists.

So if they ARE beatable, why are they an issue?

Well here's the crux of my blatherings. They're annoying. They make the game 'not fun' for me. Not because the only way I can enjoy the game is by thoroughly dribbing my opponent. I really can have as much fun losing or winning. Certain combos and abilities however, force me to see the game in a way that I don't want to.

They force me to analyze the game in a cold, mathematical manner. In the same way that a player that loves to use 'sneaky combos' would see the game. Yes I can kill your Callidus Assasin when it does pop up. Sure I'm going to take a loss from your 100+ point model, however it's rarely going to be a deciding factor in a game.

I just find it annoying that you get to move my unit 6 inches before the start of the game after my careful deployment. Or that you get to move MY space marines around the table on your turn. Or that you can shoot into melee and target independent characters. None of that 'feels' right within the game.

What I'm saying here, is that I don't have issues with a lot of the stuff people feel is 'cheesy', for the reason that I find it difficult to beat, but rather because it's simply annoying to play with.

I dunno, am I making sense here? Does anyone feel the same way about this?

I feel this discussion is overly negative in tone. If you wish to debate the merits of any specific unit, take it to the army specific board. If you wish to make a statement about how you can defeat the units in question but you still don't like them, consider it made, I'm very impressed by your skill.

Are you really looking for discussion here? Besides affirmation, what do you want out of this post? PM me and if you convince me that a legit discussion can come from this I'll change my views on this topic.


And there is also a current thread on roughly the same subject located here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=54327.60
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