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Apocalypse Mega Battle
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Default Apocalypse Mega Battle

Hi all,

To mark the new Apocalypse release in Canada yesterday (the 13th), my local St-Laurent Battle bunker decided to host an apocalypse mega battle. The plan was to get a whole bunch of people together and beat the store's previous 42K point record battle. I showed up with my 2000 points of Tau and 1000 points of Nids. Anyways, there was simply way to much to actually be able to comment on most stuff, so just a few general comments...

First of all, at the start of the battle, we reached ... 33 000 points... PER SIDE. Latecomers added another ~10 000 points. This thing was massive to the point of absolute chaos.

Anyways, to summarize, everything took a bloody long time, the lack of super heavies meant things didn't die that fast... and it was a load of fun. (as a note... deepstriking 4 monoliths into the heart of the imperial city was... long. The shooting took 30-40 minutes to resolve... and litanies of fury chaplains become seriously long and overpowered... especially if you take 4...)

So, without further ado, I'll just put up a link to some pics. The ones on photobucket, I took, while the ones on flickr were taken by one of the store employees.

Also.. by the third turn.. .people had to start leaving, after already having spent a good six hours getting organised, setting up (the first to steps took.. 1.5-2 hours... ) and finally playing. So, if it looks like there are a lot of casualties in turns 3-4.. well, there were, but there were a lot of models, especially on the chaos side, that disappeared because of people leaving.

The Tau Contingent (mine, and 2 store employees, totaling near 10K points)

The GW manager's Armourcast warhound...

That big thing in the back... don't quite know what it is, but... well it didn't actually do anything...

The whole album is here:

And the photos one of the employees took are here:

All in all, loads of fun, though everyone was tired and sore by 7 PM ( i showed up at 11 am, and we started organising at ~12.. which is when we were supposed to start).

If anyone has any questions... I'll answer to the best of my knowledge...

Cheers! Hope you enjoy
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Default Re: Apocalypse Mega Battle

Lol talk about a traffic jam, did you guys get to use any of the Apocalypse special rules ( I see a few of the templates being thrown around). If so, can you give us a few examples? I'm curious to see what difference their are between normal 40 and Apocalypse.
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Default Re: Apocalypse Mega Battle

33,000 per side!

I'm going to head down to my local GW and ask if they're gonna host one of these things soon!
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Default Re: Apocalypse Mega Battle

The large thing at the back, would appear to be someone's version of an Imperial Leviathan. Think, city on tracks... pretty cool, never seen one made to 40K size.

"Robed" Dark Angels-2500pts
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Default Re: Apocalypse Mega Battle

Originally Posted by Kapow Ur Dead
The large thing at the back, would appear to be someone's version of an Imperial Leviathan. Think, city on tracks... pretty cool, never seen one made to 40K size.
Or it could be someone's rendition of an Ordinatus...

But yes that is a very big battle, I really hope to participate in a battle such as that. My own models could fill 1/3 to 1/2 of one of those sides, and I know many players with much larger forces than I have. The problem is finding a place big enough to play such games.

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Default Re: Apocalypse Mega Battle

And a car thats big enough to get everything over to the battle!

We used a van to get all the models to the local GW, and still, we didnt get all with us... mostly because we didnt have time to carry the manta and other stuff into the car... so we just had to go....

Was cool though... but still a frag fest....
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Default Re: Apocalypse Mega Battle

Oooh, right a leviathan! That's what it was... He didn't use it though, just brought it in because he told the manager he would...

As for special rules, we didn't use too many, seeing as we had WAY too many people (between 20-30) to start handing everyone strategic assets. Also, due to the fact that it is so new, there were few titans, and other superheavies, and fliers, and almost as few formations.

The Tau contingent had enough hammerheads to make 2 interdiction forces, which gives a healthy dose of much needed accuracy (if only I could convert accuracy into armour penetration ).

The flier rules were simple enough, and a barracuda to the rear of the chaos armies was quite effective. Also, it takes a huge amount of firepower (or a very lucky shot...) to take down a flier without an AA mount.

Also, table size can be an issue with huge armies. Given the size of the armies, our tables were somewhat... insufficient. The "standard" 8x6 that apocalypse asks for is sufficient for most battles, but at this size, it takes something a little bigger. Even with only 12" seperating the armies, it'll take a lot of turns before the stuff in the rear can hit the enemy... unless it's really fast. A battle this big should have had perhaps an 8x12' table witht the No man's land running along the length. This would give more room to maneuver, and bring a lot more inftantry close to the frontline... though it wasn't possible, what with the column in the way, and the younger players who wouldn't be able to reach the middle of the table.

Luckily I did play another apoc game prior, a preview with fewer people and smaller sides (still close to 10K a side though). With proper organisation, and strategic assets, it turned into a deadly slugfest, though one that was still mentally demanding thanks to the strategic assets. Since you don't know your enemie's assets until he uses them (for the most part), it can be quite difficult planning to assault towards the objectives, while protecting yourself from things like flank marches, strategic redeployments, etc. And the fact that most strategic assets have some form of counter, it can be fun to try to think ahead,m and see what the enemy will take, and decide if it's worth taking the counter.

Lastly... Baneblade canons, while quite efective against tightly packed infantry (it took out ~300 points of marines in one shot) is not much better than a lascanon against tanks... seeing as the first 2 turns, it managed to stun a landraider, kill 5 marines, and then kill a single stealth suit when it was shot at the titan.
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