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Why is 40k so expensive?
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Default Why is 40k so expensive?

Hi guys.

I'm gonna go straight to the point here, i want to know why it costs so much to buy warhammer. its not just 40k, its all the things that Games workshop sells. I try as often as possible to buy second hand things on ebay and such , but sometimes i have to go in, and nearly 20 for 12 fire warriors? When in toy shops u get the same in plastic toy soldiers for about 5.

I am wondering if there will ever be a price drop, or is there another shop that sells it?


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Default Re: Why is 40k so expensive?

Because GW are rip off artists...
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Default Re: Why is 40k so expensive?

No, there will likely never be a price drop as long as GW can sell them at the current prices. The best way to save money on them (besides possibly eBay) is to buy in bulk (battleforces, the apocalypse box sets, etc.) rather than individually.
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Default Re: Why is 40k so expensive?

because they abuse their dominant market position, taking advantage of their near monopoly

seriously, it is incredibly over priced, just compare the quality of the land raider or leman russ to any comparably priced scale model. and before anyone says "economies of scale" how many russes do you think are sold compared to 25 1/32 tiger 1a kits?
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Default Re: Why is 40k so expensive?

I'll counter your question. Why do you play if you think it's always too expensive? Also it costs a large but of money to make those plastic and metal molds to that calibre and detail.

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Default Re: Why is 40k so expensive?

if i buy an xbox 360 with halo 3, it'll cost me 400 odd euro. each game after that will cost me between 60 and 80 euro. and i'll get, say, 8-12 hours value out of each game.

For that kind of money, i have 2 40k armies. and i spend 1-2 hours minimum modelling each guy individually. and then lots of hours playing games.

you're not paying for materials. jesus, if that was the case, all books would cost 50 cent, all cars would be a few hundred euro, and so on. but GW have more costs than just making plastic. they have several thousand stores around the world and have to pay rates and rents (average shop on an irish high street has a rent of 250k to 500k euro - whats GW in the plaza, ,london paying for example?) wages for thousands of employees, design costs (land raider cost 250k for example) shipping, storage and so on. and then individuals such as yourself dont buy their stuff which makes prices go up further as we must pay for you. add to that GW stuff doesnt fly out of the door. they wont sell 10k worth of stuff in a shop every day. in fact most places will make a slight or oddly ok turnover every year. So, they have to make the money somehow with daily turnover.

then, there is the fact that GW is a business, must make money and be responsible to its shareholders and so on and so forth.

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Default Re: Why is 40k so expensive?

Why can't we just live in fairy land were we all have 8 figure incomes and GW minis are a buck a piece *sight*

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Default Re: Why is 40k so expensive?

Difference is very simple... you buy some plastic soldiers in a toy store and the quality will be dreadful. You wont have rules to play with them, and certainly wont have a company needing to support a dozen or so games developers, fluff writers, artists etc.

GW is probably pricing themselves at the high end of acceptable for what they do but not excessive. Look at GW's profit margins etc and then tell me in all honesty GW are grabbing all the pennies they can.

This GW are an evil bunch of money grabbing goblins attitude perpatuated by a number of people (not sying you, i'm sure you meant it as a fair question) is rediculous as they never look deeper at costs incurred, profit margins, etc.

Put simply GW costs so much because it costs a lot to make the product, People used to hold up companies like Privateer Press as shining examples, but a lot of competition to GW who were considered a 'better model' by the people who complain about GW are actually in dire financial straights.

I would rather GW costs more and suceeds as a business rather than is cheaper and goes bust
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Default Re: Why is 40k so expensive?

What I have come to realize is that Games Workshop is not your friend. You don't have any "sweet hookups" where you can get a bunch of models for cheap. They are in fact a business, and you are their customer. Like EVERY single other company, they have one goal, to make money. They aren't here to make friends, they are they are there to make enough money to keep their heads above the water. What you then need to do is break it down from there. What do you need to run such a company?

Well first lets start off with the most simple, the stores. You need thousands of stores internationally in order to get your goods to the people. Then what do you do? you need to sell the goods. You need to hire employees. Then you come to the complicated part. The goods.

Of course you know that the majority of the models are made of plastic. And if you didn't know, the major ingredient in plastic is petrolium. As you may know, the world being in such a crunch for oil, and more hungry for more than a starving man, you should know that the price is getting close to $90 a barrel, a record high. Now you need to realize that the price does not just come from the plastic. They next factor is the processing of the materials. You need to start with the machining. Majority of the plastic products are mold injected, a rather simple and quick process to make models. Unfortunately in order to get a more detailed model, demanded by the customer, they needed to upgrade. A few months ago Games workshop purchased High speed milling machines (from what I have heard). Each machine costing millions each. Thing is Games Workshop doesn't pay for the machines, you do. So after that then they need to get the product to their stores. By boat, planes, truck and, car, they are delivered. But you know the catch there again, you need more oil products to to get the product to the stores.

So as you can see, the price isn't because they are con artists, its because they are a legitimate business. If you really wish to be complaining about the price, then bitch to the oil companies, who last year, despite the crunch and desperate need for oil still managed to make record profits in the billions.

When you really look at it, the real blame need to go onto the oil companies. If you take a look around you, you can see rising prices everywhere. Food prices, electronics, furniture, appliances, you name it, the price has gone up.

You will also try to make "master plans" to boycott, or buy less to make prices go down. But in reality, that will only make the prices go up. You really need to stop the bitching and get used to it. The price for everything is going to continue rise until the market for everything explodes and the economy comes crashing down. Welcome to the great world we live in.
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Default Re: Why is 40k so expensive?

Today I spent 325 on a few of my armies. It didnt even finish them [Just brought my World Eaters, Deathguard, and Arbites to a stage where I need one more big FW order. Did finish my Eldar and Violators though].

It is an expensive hobby but as Deadnight points out, we do get a LOT of hours out of it. I personally must spend at the very least 4 hours a night on GW related things. Working out lists, reading fluff, on TO, making or painting [although that will be a TINY amount of my GW time :P], battling. Working out tactics/strategies/counters to certain opponents or armues. It is a very immersive hobby, we do get many hours out of it and at the heart of all those hours we get out of it are the models.

A mate suggested to me I should work out how much I'd spent on 40K and Fantasy the last few months [must be about 1000. I got a nice windfall and thought I'd try and finish a tonne of my armies], even though the figure will be really big when I actually think of all the time I get out of the hobby as a whole. It really aint so bad. That stuff I have recently spent so much on, will last me for 10 years. The hours will keep ticking over, working out new lists for them, battling with them, working out how to beat new opponents with them.
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