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'Ard boys tournament round 2
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Default 'Ard boys tournament round 2

I brought my shooty crons out for Round 2 of the 'Ard boys. I was pretty confident going in.

First match:

Get the golden Ticket (1 loot counter, whoever has it wins by massacre), every unit is fearless

The last of the clawy tyranids. Not a gun in the whole horde, just 2500 points of claws and teeth.

The board:

Terrain everywhere, no way to see beyond your nose in just about any direction.

This still isn't a huge problem, I'll just have some destroyers swoop in and take out the ticket...ruh roh Shaggy, he goes first. His nids come out and sit on the ticket, which is in deep cover. I have to go in and get it out. Fighty Nids vs. Necrons in hand to hand....and the Necrons get 'er Done. With copious Deceiver support and strategic use of the Destroyers big bases I'm able to extract the ticket, and pull it back, leaveing my fearless Necron infantry swarm to die at the hands of his big guys. At the top of round 6 I need to make at least 3 our of 4 WBB rolls to avoid phase out...I do! No phase out, I've got the ticket I win by massacre...wait, what? Random Game Length? Ok...so it comes down a 4 up, on a 1-3 I win by massacre, 4-6 my army phases out and its a draw. Dice comes up 4. Doh! Ok, well, not so...huh? Guy talks to director, he calls GW. Turns out Necron phase out equals automatic massacre for enemy, regardless of mission conditions. Thanks GW.

Result: Defeat by massacre

Game 2:

Mission: VP's, odd deployment, everything starts on the board (drop pods, daemons, everything), put it anywhere on the board except within 6" of an enemy unit. First round both players skip their assault phase.

Enemy: Shooty Eldar

Board: Planet bowling ball, about 3 buildings and that's it.

Essentially, at the end of deployment we've both got guns to each other's heads. Whoever rolls to go first will win this mission. He goes first. Smokes half my army (I can't roll an armor save to save my soul, oddly enough), I shoot back and smoke a third of his. He charges and the game descends into H2H...He realizes that during my shooting phase I prioritized his good fighters and the game grinds on in H2H for the remainder of the game...until he breaks on the end of round 5 and his skimmers shoot me below phase out.

Result: Massacred again

Game 3:

Mission: Triangle deployment, escalation

Opponent: Guard

I got all the saves this game I missed last game, I couldn't fail a save or WBB. I walked my army into the center and shot his army to death.

Result: Victory at last!
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