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Latest WD and 'The Spirit of the Game'
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Default Latest WD and 'The Spirit of the Game'

So I just have to say, Jervis made a believer out of me with the latest 'Standard Bearer' column. The stuff he said with regard to the spirit of the game and Apocalypse was what I've been thinking for the longest time. Really hope this is a direction that things will keep going in.

I'm quite happy if they have stuff like 'ard boyz tourneys for those who want to unleash their competitive side, but I'm really, really happy that one of the lead designers of this game 'gets' what makes the game fun for a lot of other people too.

Actually have half a mind to write the man a letter to say thanks.

EDIT: gah, typo fairy!
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Default Re: Latest WD and 'The Spirit of the Game'

Hear hear plastic rat, couldn't agree with you more.

I'm sure we all got into the hobby because it looked like fun and the fluff just made it all sound so cool. It's the story of a game that makes it fun and not the (necessary) game mechanics, IMO

Just my two pence worth (GBP of course) :-)

Third Sphere

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