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Best race??????????
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Best race??????????

Which is the best race, not about the size of their empire or how advanced they are but in a fair, equal points battle who do YOU thinl would provail????????
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Default Re: Best race??????????

in the forum rules these type of topics are not really allowed because of the dispute they cause

players like to represent this act by replacing the model for Lion el'jonson with a bowling ball, and bowling it in a straight line directly towards cypher
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Default Re: Best race??????????

Originally Posted by TauEmpire rule so do eldar
Which is the best race, not about the size of their empire or how advanced they are but in a fair, equal points battle who do YOU thinl would provail????????
Originally Posted by Wargamer
6: Polls:
Please do not make the following topics:

"Which army do you collect?"

"Which army is the best?"

"Which army is the worst?"

"Who would win between [army x] and [army y]?"
This thread is against the Rules of the Forum. All factions are (presumably) equal under players of equal skill. They depend on: A player's skill, terrain, and a myriad of other details. There simply is no "best" faction.
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Originally Posted by GeekyGator
The divide between what gets put up on an art gallery and what gets you thrown in jail is mostly dependent on the quality of the frame, even though both are just as good for fapping.
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Default Re: Best race??????????

Yep. Unfortunately, these almost inevitably lead to bad feelings, so we lock them to save us all a little grief. :-\

If you think about it, though, there really can't be an answer to this question. 40k is not perfectly balanced. However, it is close enough that player ability and luck are both larger factors than the overall strength of the codex. Of course, lists written from the same book will vary wildly in terms of usage.

So there is no "best" race in 40k. Some are stronger against other lists, some are easier to play, and they all have different playing styles that some players may or may not be able to get used to.
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