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+++Apocalypse Project+++
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Default +++Apocalypse Project+++

After reading the Apocalypse stuff I have found myself slightly disappointed with the rules and style of Apocalypse as it seams to be much more inline with Epic than 40k. Hence a couple of days ago I set myself the challenge of working out how I could make Apoc more competitive getting rid of some of the 'big guns' so to speak.

By creating some form of defensive rules which would allow for players to make the battlefield 'safer' and reduce some of the obscene firepower of apocalypse by putting armies organisation as it should be and limiting the number of big guns you could take. Thus making sure it doesn't become a game of big guns destroying hordes of troops.

Yet at the same time I wished to make sure that the interesting rules of Apoc would still fit in with the game. Thus I got the idea thought looking through my codex’s and my eyes fell on the FOC and I wondered if fitting a new class for big guns would be a good idea, in the same way that they are used to prevent the spamming of super units.

I understand that Apoc is meant to be about the big guns, but many of use tacticians see Apoc becoming a 'powergame' thus I hope these additional rules can be refined by Tau Online to make a tactical Apocalypse.

As much as I can I have tried not to interfere with the Apoc system except for rules which are additional to, or based in game organisation. Thus simplifying the system of explanation to new players.

I hope that the members of Tau Online can help me play test these rules and make suggestions so that we can develop our own version of Apoc.



Apocalypse: Tactical

This article is to suggest a differing method of playstyle to the current Apocalypse games to bring them more in tue with 40k and to create the link of balance that would allow apocalypses units to participate in a standard warhammer 400,000 game.

The theme for apocalypse is to allow players to enjoy the game of Epic on a 40k scale table top game. As such it is my proposal that instead of doing away with the force organisation chart. Two new classes of FOC are added and the current one altered to allow for indervidual races needs at the epic scale.

The Current FOC allows for;
-2 HQ Slots
-2 Elite Slots
-6 Troops
-3 Fast Attack
-3 Heavy Support

I intend to suggest that two new classes are added. The ‘Super Heavy’ and ‘Emplacements’ slots.

The ratio of these slots would also differ with each race allowing them to be both fluffy and competitive allowing the strengths of each race to be multiplied in the style of fluff while still restricting options to prevent powergaming or imbalanced lists.

The New Force Organisation Slots

Space Marines/Chaos
-2 HQ Slots
-3 Elite Slots
-6 Troops
-3 Fast Attack
-3 Heavy Support
-1 Super Heavy
-2 Emplacement

Eldar/Dark Eldar/Tau
-3 HQ
-4 Elite Slots
-6 Troops
-4 Fast Attack
-3 Heavy Support
-1 Super Heavy
-1 Emplacement

-3 HQ
-3 Elite
-8 Troops
-4 Fast Attack
-4 Heavy Support
-1 Super Heavy
-2 Emplacement

-4 HQ
-5 Elite
-12 Troops
-3 Fast Attack
-3 Heavy Support
-3 Super heavy
-3 Emplacement

Imperial Guard

-3 HQ
-2 Elite
-8 Troops
-3 Fast Attack
-4 Heavy Support
-3 Super heavy
-3 Emplacement

-3 HQ Slots
-4 Elite Slots
-4 Troops
-1 Fast Attack
-3 Heavy Support
-1 Super Heavy
-1 Emplacement

-2 HQ
-3 Elite
-8 Troops
-3 Fast Attack
-6 Heavy Support
-0 Super heavy
-1 Emplacement

As you will note some lists seem to allow for inherently more units than others. For instance the Inquisition FOC appears to be very light on available units. Yet it has a large number of Elite Slots and HQ slots. This is made up for by the fact that this race may select units from both the Space Marine and Imperial Armouries, thus allowing this faction to have a much greater range of potential than other armies.

Super Heavies
As coming from forge world there are many units classed as ‘super heavy’ or ‘flyer’ these may used in the super heavy slots up to the maximum number of slots allocated for each race. The only limitation on super heavies other than this is that at least 1000pts must be spent on other selections in the force organisation slots before a super heavy is selected at its respective points cost. Thus limiting them from combat patrols or other small-scale engagements where their use would lead to unfair games.

All new models and formations may be used that come with Apocalypse, however multiple FOC may be required to completely max out a formation.

These are a new addition to each race. Allowing them to place additional defensive structures on a map that do not have to be deployed in each player’s deployment zones and are placed after the terrain has been placed but before deployment starts. Emplacements may be postioned anywhere on the board so long as they are at least 12" from your opponants deployment zone and 6" from the edge of the table

Any ‘Bunker’ Emplacement may be deployed with a garrison squad (and attached units) before deployment of a players army. If so a player cannot recall that unit during deployment and it must stay garrisoned with the bunker till play starts where it may choose to leave the bunker and move about the table as the player wishes.

Tyranids however use a separate classification of Tyranid structures (see end)

Emplacements have three classifications;

Weapons Platform

These classifications are compound grouped into a single Emplacement slot. An emplacement slot must include a command bunker and may be accompanied by 3 Turrets or 6 Weapons Platforms.


These are defended weapons platforms, which have an AV rating greater than 10 on all sides and a single weapons system. A typical example would be the Space Marine heavy bolter turret as can be seen in the THQ computer game Dawn of War. A turret can be attacked in two ways. It may be shot at where the attackers shot is compared against the turrets AV value and should a penetrating hit be found it rolls on the Emplacement damage chart. Or the turret may be assaulted.

In an assault a the attacking force must first gain entry to the bunker by some means whereby the attackers strength is compared against the AV of the bunker in the same way that a shooting attack is made. The attackers may increase their assault strength by +1 should they be equip with grenades of some form. E.g. Frag, Krak, Photon. If the squad is equip with melta bombs or a suitable explosive device this may be used instead to breach the bunkers openings. If so, no other models may make an assault attack. Only the ones equip with a suitable explosive device may use that attack in this turn of assault. Note the bonus for grenades does not stack modifiers for attacks made by suitable explosive devices

These are structures designed to be local centres of command with an AV value of 14 on all sides. Additionally they offer a cover save to those inside a bunker of +3. A bunker may attack with any weapon of the garrisoned troops as well as with any additional weapons or equipment purchased from the bunker equipment list.

When attacking a bunker it may be assaulted, shot at, or those inside may be shot at. The type of attack is declared in the shooting phase before dice are rolled.

When assaulting a bunker conduct the assault as if only two of the garrisoned troops are present at every entry point to the bunker. If these models are killed and removed from play they must be immediately replaced till the assaulting troops have used up all available attacks. Other models still garrisoned within the bunker may still make shooting attacks next turn. So long as they do not shoot those models in base to base contact with those defending models at the points of entry into the building. Those defending models at the entry points to a bunker may not make shooting attacks in this fashion and are treated as a separate squad for close combat, however moral rolls are made using the remainder of the garrisoned squad.

Only one squad may be garrisoned in a bunker at any one time. However independent character may join or leave a garrisoned squad as they wish and the bunker does not have to stay garrisoned throughout the game.

If the bunker is shot at then all attacks are compared against an AV rating of 14 and damage is again rolled against the Emplacement damage chart.

If the garrisoned squad is shot at, then the shooting phase is conducted normally with all garrisoned troops receiving an +3 cover save. Template weapons other than ‘flamers’ may not make shooting attacks against garrisoned troops, however they may still attack the bunker itself. Flamer template weapons are considered to ‘hit’ every model garrisoned within the building so long as at least half of the flamer template can be positioned over the base of the bunker structure.

Weapons Platforms
Weapons Platforms are standard mounted heavy weapons and use their respective Warhammer heavy weapon model. They may be placed anywhere on the board before deployment, however during the course of the game may not be moved and each platform is considered independent from each other.

All weapons platforms have 2 crew members and a platform AV status of 10. The platform may be shot at, or the crew of the platform may be shot at. If the platform is shot at the weapons strength +1D6 is compared to the AV value 10 and if a penetrating hit is scored consult the Emplacement damage chart. If the crew is shot at they act in respect to the models of the crew with a +5 cover save. Such as a heavy bolter may be manned by two guardsmen in an Imperial Guard army or two space Marines in a Space Marine army.

Should the weapon be destroyed or the crew killed the Emplacement is removed from the board.

Emplacement Damage Chart

D6 Effect
1- No effect
2- Crew Stunned
3- Crew Stunned
4- Bunker Penetrated /Armament destroyed
5- Bunker Destroyed
6- Bunker Explodes

If a Crew Stunned result is rolled then any mounted weapons on the bunker, turret or platform may not fire for the players next turn. Garrisoned troops may fire as normal, but extra weapons may not.

Bunker Penetrated /Armament destroyed results in one weapon system being destroyed. If a bunker has multiple weapons systems then each time this result is rolled one weapon is considered destroyed until no more weapons are left. A twin linked weapon counts as one weapon for this purpose.

If a Bunker Destroyed result is rolled each model within a bunker must make a +4 save or take a S 6 hit AP nill attack. Should this result be scored against a turret or weapons platform the weapon is considered destroyed. Any models that survive are automatically removed from within the bunker and placed within 2” of any one of the bunkers entry points. Should the entry point be blocked or full then any additional models without a place are removed from play. Surviving models are considered pinned.

On a Bunker Explodes result 1D6 small blast markers are generated and scatter with the centre of the bunker considered the target point, these blasts are S 3 AP Nill, but do cause pinning. Any models that were within the bunker are placed at the entry points as per the Bunker Destroyed result. Should this result be scored against a turret or weapons platform the weapon is considered destroyed.

Emplacement Equipment Armoury
Mounted Weaponry*
8pts ………Mounted Twinlinked Storm Bolter (each)
8pts ……….Mounted Multi-laz
10pts ……..Mounted Twin linked Multi-laz
10pts………Mounted Heavy Bolter (each)
12pts ………Plasmagun store (supplies three imperial plasmaguns)
18pts………Mounted Autocannon (each)
20pts………Mounted Lascannon (each)
20pts………Sniper Rifle store (supplies three imperial sniper rifles)

10pts………Scatter Laser (each)
14pts………Twin linked Scatter Laser (each)
16pts………Starcannon (each)
18pts………Pulse Laser (each)
24pts………Vibro Cannon (each)

16pts………Splinter Cannon (each)
20pts………Dark Lance (each)

15pts……….Particle Whip

12pts………Twin Linked Burst Cannons (each)
12pts………Twin Linked Fusion Blasters (each)
16pts………Smart Missile System (each)
16pts………Twin Linked Plasma Rifles (each)
20pts………Railrifle Store (supplies three Tau Railrifles with targetlocks)
20pts………Mounted Ion Cannon (each)
20pts………Gun Drone Defence Silos**

8pts ……….Big Shooter
12pts………Twin-linked Big Shooter
14pts……… Rokkit Launcha
18pts………Kannon (frag or shell)
18pts………Zzap Cannon

8pts………..Comm. Links
8pts………..Fire Co-ordination Command Centre
6pts………..Re-enforced Armour
6pts………..Tunnel Network
5pts………..Repair Tools
5pts………..Ammo lockers
5pts………..Search Lights
5pts………..Cammo Netting

Comm. Links
Provides a 12” leadership bubble with the garrisoned squads highest Ld value

Fire Co-ordination Command Centre
Allows for ordinance rolls that scatter to halve the rolled scatter distance

Re-enforced Armour
Any attack made against the building itself has a –1 modifier to the attackers strength

Tunnel Network
If the bunker is destroyed then models may be placed at any point on the bunkers base and don’t have to use the entry points.

Repair Tools
Should a weapon become destroyed on a roll of 5+ the weapon can be repaired to functioning again, only one weapon may make use of this upgrade per turn.

Ammo lockers
A Bunker Explodes result is downgraded to a Bunker Destroyed result

Flood Lights
During a night fight the building can see as normal, however other units can see it as normal and it negates a cammo nets effects during night.

Cammo Netting
Flyers must make a roll as if they are in a night fight scenario for spotting distance on the bunker. If the flyer cannot see the emplacement then the run is wasted.

*Each bunker may choose up to 4 weapons choices ‘stores’ count as on weapons choice

** Provides 4 gun drones which may act independently of the bunker as a squad so long as they remain within 12” of the bunker.

Tyranid Structures
The Tyranids do not build structures like other races instead they have the choice of three tyranid structures to place. All tyranid structures are considered to have the state line; T6 W6 Sv +2 and regeneration. Should the structure be destroyed it is removed from play.

Spore Chimneys
These structures pump spores into the air. Any squad within 12” has a –1 modifier to moral rolls, WS and BS. Tyranids creatures are unaffected by this.

Assimilation Pools
These pools allow you to place three ripper swarm bases for every pool. These may act independently as separate squads, but may not move more than 12” from the pool itself. Should a ripper swarm based be killed it is replaced as if it was a reserve on the pool when it arrives.

Synapse Nodes
These project a 12” bubble of synapse around them.


EDIT: Base cost for structures themselves dependant on more play tests
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Default Re: +++Apocalypse Project+++

I like these... I'll have to try them.
Originally Posted by Komrad
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Default Re: +++Apocalypse Project+++

Love it!!!

I want forgeworld games.. not apoc games....
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Default Re: +++Apocalypse Project+++

A little side note on your damage chart:
4. Bunker Penetrated/Armament destroyed.

This should have some bearing on the rulebook passage that states when a bunker is penetrated it downgrades to 4+ cover and the models inside my be assaulted normally from then on.

A note on your equipment/upgrades:
Why do some items have (each) after them?
Ammo lockers should be on a 4+, not automatic. No amount of good luck is gonna stop that ammo from going up if it's hit by a lucky battlecannon/plasma cannon/WMD shell.

FCCC should provide a secondary benefit (for those races that lack ordnance), such as allowing one unit within 12" (including units in the bunker) to auto-pass a TP test.

Repair tools should be 6+, as most normal repairs are on a 6 anyways.

I like everything else though, makes for interesting, fluffy-ish battles.
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