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Rules question: Night fight; shooting or not?
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Default Rules question: Night fight; shooting or not?

A question popped up in my head...

Assume that you want a unit, called X, armed with heavy or rapid fire weapons, to shoot at an enemy unit, called A, some distance away while there's another enemy unit, called B, close by.
The real snag is that A might not be seen because it's generally dark or the target is using some type of stealth.

Passing the target priority test X fail to actually see the target, and thus are unable to shoot at anything.

Now for my question:
- Since X didn't shoot in the shooting phase, are they allowed to assault B in the assault phase?

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Default Re: Rules question: Night fight; shooting or not?

If you go by RAW, which is always a dangerous thing, then they can.
For night fight it says they may not fire at any other target.
For assault, it says you can't assault if you fired any heavy/rapid fire weapons.
You did not fire, therefore you should be able to assault.

If you go by RAI, then I'd say no, they're too busy trying to peer off in to the distance trying to make out X to notice B slightly off to one side.
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Default Re: Rules question: Night fight; shooting or not?

I agree with ravager on this.

Though i doesnt say so in the book that you cant, if you think logically about it, then it cant happen, and thus you cannot assault X

Though the case is there for both sides of the argument, so if you want to use it your entitled to try it and see what your opponent says.
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Default Re: Rules question: Night fight; shooting or not?

I always think of flubbing a night fight check as being the same thing as being out of range. In other words, I definitely wouldn't try to claim this one
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