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Who's really the best?
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Default Who's really the best?

This is an extremly silly question because there is no right answer you could say Tyranids are the best because there a hoade of aliens bent on eating everthing they come across or say Space marines because they can fill any job role needed. So how about asking simpler questions first. This way we can add up the "awards" won by each army to give us our answer.

The first few questions will be easy and I'll add more on this post at later dates

1, Which army can deliver the most pie plates in a legal 1,500 force?
2, which army has the best Troops comparing stats to point cost?

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Default Re: Who's really the best?

1: IG Armoured Company

2: Tau Fire Warriors (IMO, anyway)
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Default Re: Who's really the best?

I don't think the question of what army can drop the most pie plates answers that question. That's simply a game mechanic, not really an be all end all. Large blasts are not always all they are cracked up to be. Such as, my hammerheads can drop a precision pie plate that will admitedly do alot of damage to low armour troops. However, that is not really what my hammerheads are for. I have firewarriors and such to take care of that. I need the hammerheads for other rolls, such as tank killing, insta killing characters etc. I usually only drop the pie plate if A) I have to because a certain troop is getting too close to being in CC with my own fire teams, or B) I have nothing else to do with it. As far as tournament standings go (according to an average battlescore) the Tyranids are hands down the best army in the game. They always end up with the highest average battlescore per entry. Hope that helps.
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Default Re: Who's really the best?

Originally Posted by The Forum Rules
6: Polls:
Please do not make the following topics:

"Which army do you collect?"

"Which army is the best?"

"Which army is the worst?"

"Who would win between [army x] and [army y]?"

Or any variation thereof... and definitely do not make polls about them!
Unfortunately, this particular type of topic inevitably descends into a flame war, as it is impossible to reconcile what different members really consider to define "best" and people get too emotionally involved in it. :-\ So: locked
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