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Close combat rules question
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Close combat rules question

I have a close combat rules question. I even have a little picture of the setup.

If one side (red) has two people engaged in combat (1 in base to base) and the other side (green) has 3 engaged (1 in base to base combat. What happens if the green side killed all the engaged models and the red side passed their moral check.

1. Are they no longer in close combat since there are no engaged models?


2. Do the green/red guys pile in 6", if they do pile in who gets to pile in, everyone or just the ones that where not engaged in that turn of fighting?

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Default Re: Close combat rules question

As far as I know (and from a game I played against some pesky beakies) both the reds and greens are still engaged and both units must try to move into the fray.

A while back in a game I played against this one Space Marine player at the local GW...
These blankity-blank Assault Marines whipped around my flank and the whole two that made it around assaulted the rear of my largest mob of Boyz. I was about 8 inches from his main line and was going to get into close combat with his Devastator squad that turn. I was seconds away from winning before those Assault Marines yanked my tail. By the time they were dead I had been forced to pile in backwards into the middle of the field. Lacking cover and the required turns to make it to his line again, I lost the game.

Hope that helped,

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: Close combat rules question

1.) Yes, they are stil in combat.

2.) EVERYONE who is not in base contact/combat range at the END of combat must pile in, starting with the attacker, and then any of the defending models not in range.
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Default Re: Close combat rules question

After the combat is done, the red side, which lost combat, will make a moral test. If they pass, then the two sides will consolidate into each other. If they fail then the reds will fall back, and the greens will not be able to pursue because the reds have no models left inside 2". If the combat wipes out every model so that no model is within 6" of an enemy model then the combat is over and neither side checks morale.
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Default Re: Close combat rules question

1. Yes

2. Yes they pile in, starting with the side whose turn it is, then the other side piles in. It is not the attacker.
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