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Micro Machine air support
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Default Micro Machine air support

While attempting to find ways to put me well into apocalypse sive games without having to give up my kidneys, i ahppened across a few micro machine planes that i have that work perfectly for a Marauder, two Lightnings and two thunderbolts.

My question is, and keep in mind i only play friendly games, does anyone think they would have a problem with that. I dont want to be jerk and show up with planes when people arnt really shure how to deal with it, cause its no fun when games are blatently one sided.

I was talking with a friend yesterday, and we decided that Sniper-Fexes with enhanced sences could shoot at planes with normal bs, instead of needing to roll sixes. We both seem to think thats fair and that we'll be able to have a good time with upcomming apocalypse stuff.

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Default Re: Micro Machine air support

I don't see any problem with it, though you may want to wait and see what the new rules for fliers will be for Apocalypse.
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