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Addictive models......
Old 25 Sep 2007, 15:13   #1 (permalink)
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Default Addictive models......

Okay, I wll explain what I meant when I say addictive models.

For some reason these models are so beautiful and also so fun to built and paint that you just want to have tons of them, even if you do not even use all of them. You just buy them just to have their feeling of awesomeness.

Sometimes you may convert the addictive models, and they caused you to even love the models even more and you buy them in droves to convert them to the uber-awesomeness standards that you put on them.

For me those addctive models are the new plastic Chaos Terminators (I think I will buy another box of them and maybe a Space Marine terminator box to convert them with tons of bitz) and the Crisis suits (I do not mind more but I really know that I have to stop tau for awhile).

What are your opinions about those kinds of models and what are the most addictive models for you?

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Default Re: Addictive models......

though i only have 3, i have a fascination with techmarines.

so far i have a terminator techmarine with lightning claws and full harness, a techmarine with full harness riding a bike and a techmarine with full harness with a jump pack (WIP)

my next project is a techmarine on an attack bike with a servitor manning the heavy weapon

though on the way back from games day last weekend a friend of mine managed to convince me to get 2 baneblades...................

i shall be converting 1 baneblade for my radical daemonhunters (mwahahaha)

and 1 for my future elysian drop troop army. YES a grav chuting baneblade (i will be using CPU fans in pringles tubes for the grav chutes )

i LOVE conversions 8)
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Old 25 Sep 2007, 15:30   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Addictive models......

XV-8s, ogres and new chaos termies.
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Default Re: Addictive models......

Decapitated Eldar(of most kinds...be sure to snip off the wings on the Hawks though), and Decapitated Tau Fire Warriors.

These models look great, and I love how they generally look(pragmatic and ready to do some business). But I guess in the 41st century, the Mad Hatter took over behind the scenes and has been obsessed with fitting the Tau, Eldar and Marine armies(I think that includes all but maybe 2 or 3) with ugly/odd-fitting/impractical helmets.
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Default Re: Addictive models......

Two words: DA BOYZ!
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Default Re: Addictive models......

1. Basilisk

2. Malcador (I now own one!!)

Simply two of the most gorgeous tanks I have ever seen in my life. I love them to insane degrees of insanity. In particular, the Basilisk with it's open gun platform has so much scope for amazing conversions, such as sweaty loaders, guys with binoculars and periscopes and pompous gunnery officers with compasses and large maps.
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Old 26 Sep 2007, 00:40   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Addictive models......

For me its Lizardmen Saurus warriors/cavalry and Tau Crisis suits.

I love the concept art of crisis suits in full flight and try to replicate this whenever I get time to convert my battlesuits. I have about 30 saurus warriors and I'm converting another regiment of "aquatic" saurus swimming on swampy bases.
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Old 26 Sep 2007, 01:05   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Addictive models......

I used to play a red corsair (I think thats how its spelled...) army and I just LOVED converting regular space marines into chaotic demons ;D

Now I play tau, and I really enjoy converting XV8s.
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Default Re: Addictive models......

Suits! Every one is a new project in itself.
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Default Re: Addictive models......

Grey Knight Terminators. I bought and painted up one, just with the basic codex scheme... and now I'm playing Daemonhunters. =)

Gives me a chance to get and use other models I like: Sentinels, Kasrkin, Techpriests...
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