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pinning questions
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Default pinning questions

I'm fuzzy on the pinning rules and hoping somebody here could enlighten me. The rulebook states that casualties inflicted from a single enemy unit will force a pinning test, and that multiple pinning tests in a round are possible, but it doesn't specify how that would happen.

Question 1: Does "single enemy unit" mean that the pinning test doesn't happen if the unit in question is taking fire from other (non-pinning) units at the same time? If I want to pin an enemy unit, do I have to fire at it only with pinning fire?

Question 2: How do I produce multiple pinning checks? My assumption is that it doesn't matter how many casualties I inflict, just how many units inflict casualties. If a unit of 8 tau gun drones kill 4 models in a unit, that's one pinning test not 4. If 2 units of 4 gun drones each kill 2 models, that's 2 pinning checks, one for each unit.

Assume I have 3 sniper drone teams and a pathfinder unit with 3 rail rifles. If 1 rail rifle from each unit kills a model each from the same 3 enemy units (I know that'll never happen, but this is an assumption...) will that force 4 pinning checks for each of the three units?

Question 3: How useful is this really? How common are units with special rules that make them unpinnable? Tyranids and Khorne Demon units are Fearless, and Space Marines "Shall Know No Fear", so what races are actually vulnerable to pinning besides the Tau themselves?

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: pinning questions

Question 1: Yes, only if you cause a wound with a Pinning weapon, do you cause a pinning test.
Question 2: Your assumption is correct.
Question 3: Fearless units aren't that uncommon. Most Marine armies' LD is 8 or higher (usually 10), the only armies I'd recommend it against are Dark Eldar, other Tau and perhaps Orks.
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Default Re: pinning questions

About Question#3. Space Marines "Shall Know No Fear" should be reworded to "Shall Know Little Fear". They can still be pinned, Tank Shocked and Fall Back.

I would not use pinning as my sole tactic. I use pinning weapons as an added bonus. The main goal is to kill the models. If you can also get a pin result, more power to you. Remember the more your opponent has to throw dice, thehigher the chance of a failed Ld test. I have had several IC's fail their Ld test against Mephiston's Transfixing Gaze.
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Default Re: pinning questions

If an Ork unit is 12 models or more it will not pin, any smaller then that and you have a chance to pin them but Orks have a mob size check they take for failing morale tests, so they can be hard to pin even then unless they are down to a handful of models.
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Default Re: pinning questions

Originally Posted by JBunny
About Question#3. Space Marines "Shall Know No Fear" should be reworded to "Shall Know Little Fear". They can still be pinned, Tank Shocked and Fall
I agree. With Tau pinning is quite useful because they kinda suck in combat, but with other armies it's not so good.
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