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Flyer Help
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Default Flyer Help

I've heard that flyer rules would change with Apocalypse, but is that only for apocalypse games, or for all things(since they're not part of 40k; they're part of Forgerworld, which while related to GW is not the final word on rules).

And to clarify, it goes(on the opponents' turn):
He Moves
Flyer Moves
He Shoots
Flyer Shoots
He Assaults
Flyer gets out of there!

What I've heard it being is something similar:
Roll for reserves for flyer.
And on my turn, it functions normally, but leaves at the end of the turn.

I know the Remora's looking really good if the flyer rules are changing. Especially against those nasty Bassies.
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Default Re: Flyer Help

Actually, I've been wondering myself, where are the flyer rules? I love the Remora model, and I love the idea of having a reliable weapon against Basilisks and the like, but I don't know anything of the flyer rules themselves, so I can't form any kind of judgement on them. I mean, does the model actually even get placed on the board? I would assume so, but like I said, I have no operating knowledge of flyers.
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Default Re: Flyer Help

If your reffering to the forge world flyer rules then it is in the Imperial armour update book (I have 2005 version) But I don't know anything about Apocalypse or about any non forge world flyers :P
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Flyer Help

for those who don't want to buy the FW book, Games workshop was polite enough to include a PDF of the rules in a blackgobbo article

from what i've read in the apocolypse rumor threads, the revised rules treat flyers more like skimmers, able to stay on the map as long as they end their move a certain distance from where they started. and they move and shoot during normal phases.

aircraft have always been a favorite thing of mine, and rules for them in 40K makes me tempted to try and scrathbuild one.
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Default Re: Flyer Help

Great! nice link there mithril, if I could I would give you Karma for that :P

I am definetly going to get plenty of flyers for my force! I think they are an excellent thing to have and can be extremely deadly if used well, I also want to be a pilot myself when I leave school ;D
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