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How Many and who?
View Poll Results: Do you play more than one army?
I've got 'em all. 4 4.08%
I have three or four 23 23.47%
I've got two, But want to play others 38 38.78%
I've got one, and I am interested in others 20 20.41%
I have one Army, and that's all I play! 13 13.27%
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Default How Many and who?

Here's the scoop. I recently sold my old Tau Force, (Still have my Space Marines of Course) and I'm looking for another Fast Moving assault Army. I currently Play the DA, with a Heavy emphasis on Ravenwing, (I bought two of the Ravenwing Battleforce Box's). I'm Thinking about the New BA, or Perhaps eve the Eldar, (I positively LOVE the models, and the rules are very powerful when properly used.) I was thinking of Starting the Siam-Hann as soon as the Apoc Box came out (Refer to the Rumors section on Apoc to see the ?Cloudstrike? box).

SO! The case here is that I am wondering if any one who has mulitple armies can lead me in the right direction. The poll is designed to see how many people have a large host of armies, and how many have only one.

Thanks! (PS. If this is in the wrong section, Sorry! I wasn't sure where to put it!)

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Default Re: How Many and who?

I have Lost and the Damned and Imperial Guard, but I want to start Dark Eldar.
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Default Re: How Many and who?

Tyranids and Eldar here - but I'm thinking about Daemonhunters, or possibly Brettonians! ;D
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Default Re: How Many and who?

Ive got Tau and 'Nids. The nids are just 90% painted on each model and is just below 400p when i take universal uppgrades.

The Tau is building. Ive got plans for 3kp and the only thing that is finished is.... nothing.
Im half finished on a devilfish that will be the scheme for the rest of my army.

After im done with 4kp of tau, i will move on to IG Elysian Air Cavalry....
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Default Re: How Many and who?

I have 3000pts worth of Tau, 1300 pts worth of Plague Marines ( Rebuilding them rather badly as my old minis are just horrible, and also the configurations are no longer valid for the new codex), and at least 1300 pts worth of Sisters of Battle, and at least 1500 pts of Fantasy Khorne. I will never touch anymore minis from other ranges unless someone buys them for me, as I already have enough armies and varieties to work and pay attention to.

Here are the status of the armies that I owned.
1) Tau: The Tau are completed fully, 3000 pts to be exact. Mech Tau is my style, and I have at least 2500 pts of workable mech stuff.

2) Nurgle :New Chaos ripped my army apart, and my models are in rather bad shape. So I am rebuilding them at breakneck speed, and I hope to achieve the 3000 pts mark. Currently I am around the 1300 pts region.

3)Sisters of battle: I still have to build it a little more so that it will be playable. I am halfway to complete my goal of having 2000 pts of Mechanized SOB.

4)Fantasy Khorne: Just need painting up and that is all. But I will do this only after I have completed the other armies.

So basically what I would suggest if you want to start a new army, make sure that you are able to spend time on them and cherish them well. And also choose the one that you really like in terms of everything (fluff, look, game style, etc). It will save time and money if you are able to choose your armies with much more care.
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Default Re: How Many and who?

I have a 2000+ point space marine army, a 1000+ Tau army, and have, 10 grey knights, 10 Stormtroopers, a vindicare, and callidus assasins, 4 grey knight terminators and an Inquisitor plus 3 servitors in my Demonhunters army.

My space marines are maybe, 50% painted, none of my Tau are, and The assasins and termies are in my demonhunters. (I got them off Ebay.)
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Default Re: How Many and who?

Well I voted "I've got em all!" though I don't really, but I do have double the number in the previous option so it seemed the better option, I have 8 armies and they are as follows in the order I bought/built/aquired them:

Tau- 2500pts of Mechanised goodness. A very agressive army that I haven't used in quite some time.
Ultramarines- 2100pts or so of balanced Ultras, a little of everything is in this army.
Blood Ravens- 2300pts or so of shooty and slashy Blood Ravens, few in number and very powerful, currently undefeated.
Grey Knights- 1200pts of pure Grey Knights, still building these poor guys, gotta get them up and working eventually.
Dark Angels- 2100pts of Dark Angels, no Ravenwing, a few Deathwing, lots of just plain marines... not doing so well.
Imperial Fists- 1750pts of Lysanderwing, 24 Termies and 15 Scouts, I love this army.
Raven Guard- 1750pts of Assault Marine heavy Raven Guard, also performing very well.
Space Wolves 13th Company- 2000pts, my newest army, I still gotta get a Wolf Lord for it, but lots of bodies and it's fun.

Basically each army does things completely differently. Going for many armies that basically do the same thing can get boring fast as the tactics rarely change. But one reason I have so many armies is that they all function in very different ways, my Imperial Fists teleport and bury their foes under relentless storm bolter fire and the might of a plethora of Power Fists, my Raven Guard bunker down with tons of guns before counter charging with a swarm of Assault Marines leaping out from behind cover to throw back any foe. My Blood Ravens infiltrate 80% of their force, setting up deadly bolter traps and busying up the enemy for my cc monster HQs and the mobile bike and assault marine wings to rush in for the killing blow. Alternately my Ultramarines bunker down with a lot of guns and bury their foes under relentless fire, before sweeping forward with marching waves of rapid fire bolters and a few key counter charge squads. Each army works quite differently, some perform very similarly and with similar tactics, but all function very differently, the counter charge is not nearly as important in my Ultramarines, where it is of the utmost importance in my Raven Guard, who rely on the counter charge to protect their vulnerable fire base.

Each army works very differently and that is fun. Try out some new things. For instance you mentioned Salamanders. The Sallies specialise in close quarters gunfights. So what this could mean is you build a marine force that is mechanised if you wish, lays down suppressive gunfire before charging into close range to flame, melta and bolter down any enemies and you can even throw in some fast assaulters. Assault Squads get flamers too ya know .

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Default Re: How Many and who?

Well i have Blood Angels, Tau and Eldar.

If you want assault heavy fast moving list I would saw Blood Angels. In a normal FOC you can have 110 guys with Jump Packs. Put them with either Speeders and bikes, followed up with fast moving tanks, and you can cover the board in no time flat.
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Default Re: How Many and who?

I don't play for fluff(as the powergamer test says "...strictly background information"), and I prefer specialist armies, or ones which are highly adaptable specialists. As well as mobile.

So the only three armies I've found are:
Tau(Don't mind their fluff, especially since it can be taken so many ways)
CE (Like their style, but the elf aspect and a few of the models...no.)

Until the DE codex comes out, I'm going to be sticking with those two, and my Codex: FSE(still making some revisions).
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Default Re: How Many and who?

I've got my Eldar, and I got given a bunch of Space Marines so I guess I play those too now although they wouldn't have been my first choice.

To be honest I can see myself slowly working my way through until I have every army, I love them all!
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