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Shooting Multiple Units
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Default Shooting Multiple Units

OK normally you can not shot different units, from the same squad. However, Tau leaders can do this as well as Titans and other super heavies. My question is Say a Titan has three weapon systems and can target three separate units. Does he have to declare all targets before rolling to hit with the first weapon?
Gun one targets Unit 1, Gun 2 targets unit 2, Gun 3 targets unit 3. Roll for results.
Gun one fires at unit 1. unit destroyed. Gun 2 Fires at unit 2, some models survive. Gun 3 target remainder of unit 2.

Thanks and if you can sight somewhere in the rules that would be helpful. Opinions are also welcome.
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Default Re: Shooting Multiple Units

You have to declare all targets before you roll any dice, since all shots are treated as if they`re fired simultaneously.

On a related note, you can`t target a transport with, say, the main gun of a Baneblade, destroy the transport, then use the anti-infantry weaponry of the Baneblade on the passengers of said transport - all targets have to be declared simultaneously, making this tactic impossible.

Hope this helps...
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